Walking, Watching and Listening

I have been noticing a lady during my morning walks for last couple of days not for any special purpose but for her way of walking and in doing so her movements make her an instant attraction of the fellow walkers. I agree she is a bit overweight of about 110 kg for her height 5’3” maybe an inch here or there but that is nothing that makes her the center of attraction but the way she walks always gives me a strange feeling. I have no words to describe the way she walks and the words I can think of are not printable.

I am not saying I walk in a perfect way but I have been walking for so many years and have seen so many different walking styles in my long walking career that I can almost write a book on walking styles but the one I have seen in this lady is something entirely different. It’s one of the funniest scenes when I see her coming from the opposite side on the same walking path in a Jumping Jack style intentionally moving her entire body right to left and left to right with special movements to her hands. 

With all my experience of walkers-watching I am seriously planning to start a study on classification of walking styles and their benefits that could perhaps be used by different walkers for different purposes. Seriously, I have seen so many styles like someone walking in Army style, or a person walking like an ostrich jumping on his toes or a person striding like a Kangaroo or a lady pacing like a duck. 

And while on the subject let me mention the lovely couples who finish their morning session of love chat in the park adding a little bit of attraction to otherwise dry walking session of people like us.  Call me jealous but it’s perhaps the modern way of keeping young and fit which I lacked so seriously in my younger days.  How I wish I was born a couple of decades later and save the feeling. 

The best walkers however are the ones who come in groups and take full advantage of their time gossiping about everything in the world. I am sure I am getting benefit of my morning walking and jogging in more than one ways first I am enjoying a better physical health and at the same time finding it good for my mental health.   Now the lighter side of walking-

Walking and Jogging- Good for Your Fitness

I am fond of walking and I write about my walking activities from time to time in different sites. I know some of you are aware of my walking and jogging habit but I keep repeating it as if I am the self appointed brand ambassador of walking. My activities are not limited to walking but I also give some time to jogging and brisk walking. My personal experience says that whenever I stopped walking it has always resulted in physical problems for me although I never gained weight. 

There may be different opinions of different fitness experts about remaining healthy but no one can deny that there is no better exercise than walking or running which keep us fit for long time and that too without spending any money. There could be difference in opinion whether running is better than walking but it entirely depends on your body needs and structure. If you exercise for the purpose of reducing body weight than running is better for you but people like me prefer walk as it has the least effect on bones.

I prefer walk or brisk walk for most part of my exercise but if someone wants me to jog along with him, I always give him a company for 200 meters or so. I have always felt that walking always have its maximum effect on hands, knees, thighs and toes but jogging is good for entire body as one has to maintain a rhythm in his entire body with faster movements. However, jogging should begin with walking and as your body becomes stronger one can gradually increase his speed.

There is an expert advice for people interested in jogging, keep your balance on your front of your paws. Jogging is also helpful for providing oxygen to your heart but not advised to people suffering from asthma, heart trouble, arthritis, obesity and back related problems. My favorite exercise is I walk at normal pace for a minute and then brisk walk for one minute than back to normal walk. I keep repeating this process for 20-30 minutes unless a jogger takes me for a company. Try it, you will love doing it.

Funny incidents during walking- Eavesdropping 

You know, my morning walks often provide me some funny incidents coming from my fellow walkers as I have to listen to some foul mouthed people which is definitely not a pleasant experience and at times some lovely but childish sentences coming from not so childish but adult persons.

I am not only referring to people that come in my contact but some the conversations I hear while passing them or walking behind them. You can blame me eavesdropping but trust me whatever I hear comes to me without my having such an intention but I agree I have the opportunity of having listened interesting things at number of times, intention or no intention. 

I know it’s certainly against ethics and cultural rules to listen to private conversation even if a person doing it for a valid reason but in my case it is certainly not my idea but I listen to them without any such intention. Of course, one can move out of the way when such conversations are on to somewhere else but by the time I move myself away I get to hear some of the lines and those lines are enough to give me the whole idea of the basic story.  

I often hear people foul mouthing and wonder why people speak in such a foul language and what best I can think is that when a person is overly frustrated but has not the idea of how to address his problem then calls name to blow off his steam to get rid his frustration. Or maybe they believe in the saying that ‘even whining around allows us to get a new prospective in life’. 

I am not saying I have never used bad language but as far as I remember I have never used the ‘F’ words in my conversation even if I was talking with my friends or total stranger when the things took an ugly turn.  I know my friends, so they never judge me for my bad outbursts and that too in seldom case and never too long. 

While on the subject, do you remember anybody ever said that our workplaces forbade us or had a policy on misappropriate behavior within close friends as long no one else was hearing? I have stopped it now for long but I used to try it sometimes with my close friends and coworkers during social gatherings but always without using any ‘F*** words of course.

Disclaimer- No malicious or bad intention please


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