What is the conversion rate?

The exchange rate is the ratio between the number of people visiting your website and the number of people who buy on their website. In summary, the percentage of buyers in place.

Of course, there is a basic definition.
To expand the definition of the round transformation, we can say is the relationship between the number of people visiting your website and the number of people who will act on its website.
Five key points to optimize your site to improve your conversion rate:

1) Start page

When a visitor comes to your first home, which will decide in seconds if you stay in your site or zap. It is therefore important not to lose vbotre first impression.
To do this, make sure the site clearly states in seconds.
Whether it's a slogan, a small text edit a video. The visitor must know what you can find on this website in seconds. And if your site offers something that the visitor is looking for, chances are that he decides to stay and visit his site. Otherwise have been lost, perhaps forever.
For this first message, the content of your message is important. But sometimes, like changing a few words, to grow the font size, or add an explicit visual.
Challenge yourself with friends who do not know their site to help you improve this point.

2) A clearly defined center of gravity

What exactly your site? This question may seem ridiculous, but if you do not know exactly what to expect concrete action visitors to your site, you run the risk of drowning in a large number of secondary information and losing sales.

In the case of a tent site, the main action is expected of visitors is simple: fill their shopping carts and online ordering. But in the case of a site that is not a store site, this may take various forms:
• call for information or an appointment
• complete a budget
• respond to a survey
• request a coupon
• Make a reservation online
• Advertising

3) A module to attract visitors to your potential customers

Most visitors who discover a site does not pass into action during his first visit. To avoid losing these visitors (you may have trouble reaching your site), have you thought about your offer to subscribe to your newsletter?
Once registered, keep in touch with them and you can encourage them to return later in place until they are ready to buy (or book, etc spend their ads.).
It offers a newsletter is often the easiest way to capture visitors to your site from your potential customers. But feel free to suggest something else: a free sample, a podcast, etc. The important thing is to ask by e-mail of the visitor to offer this bonus.

4) Your contact

You have a legal obligation to publish their contact information on a page of information law.
But apart from that requirement, remember that the contact details clearly visible, if possible on all pages of your site: it ensures visitors, who know and who to contact in case of questions or problems.
Important: The most important thing is to publish your phone number, especially in a store site. Many customers feel secure when they know they can call and speak with someone "real" when shopping online;

5) Labels and guarantees

You offer a warranty? Do you have a label? You are an expert in your field? Put this information prominently on your site to build their credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of its visitors.


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