One day, Ramesh went to market by bicycle. On the way, his head began reeling. He fell to the ground. There was utter dark before him. He felt very light and almost weightless. He was moving very fast in utter dark. He felt that he was being dragged by some unknown force. Soon, he was in very bright light zone. 

Stood before him a very tall and bulky person. That man asked: Who are you and from where you came? 

Ramesh could hardly utter any word. He said feebly:  Have you kidnapped me?  I am very poor and single. You cannot get even a single paisa from my relatives. You may even kill me but will get nothing.

That tall figure laughed hoarsely: You silly man. First let me introduce myself. I am Joseph, the Principal security officer of the Planet of Death. You are not in your planet. Here you come after leaving your body. Okay. Let me find out where you came from.

Ramesh: I am from Agra (india).

Joseph: Keep your mouth shut. I'll find out. 

Then Joseph read some mark on Ramesh.

Joseph exclaimed:  Oh. You are from the planet Earth in solar system 9901.

Ramesh: What is solar system 9901.

Joseph: Your Earth is in the solar system 9901. There are innumerable solar systems in the universe. Okay Now, this is easier. I shall see which faith you belong to.

Ramesh: How does this matter?

Joseph: I am the chief security officer. You have to be sent to the island pertaining to your faith. Here are islands for Christians, Jews etc where they are treated according to their faith.

Ramesh: I never believed in any religion or faith.

Joseph: If so, this will be very difficult. You will then wander till eternity in the infinite space. This is worse than hell. But what was your father's faith?

Ramesh; A Hindu.

Joseph: Well. Your identification mark also confirms this. So, I am sending you to Yama Lok island. 

Joseph talked some thing in a strange language on his intercom. Soon, two pretty girls in black dress appeared.

Jopeph said: These Yamadoots will take you to your destination in Yama Lok.

Both girls caught hold of Ramesh and moved on in a jeep. On the way, Ramesh said: I had read that yamadoots are very ugly and dreadful males. They travel on Buffalo back.  How I see pretty damsels as yamadoot?  

One said: I am Sheila, recently appointed as a Yamadoot. Yama Lok Parliament has passed a law that 33% posts of Yamadoots will be held by women. This is to remove gender discrimination.

Soon, they reached Yama Lok. 

The lady yamdoots guided him to the lobby and said: 'wait here till Hon'ble Yamaraj calls you. 

There were full screen live telecast from Swarg (heaven) and narak (hell) on both sides of wall. On one side one could see swarg and on the other Narak. The inmates in swarag seemed very happy and joyous. They were enjoying singing and dancing. Many of them were seen taking whiskey while semi nude girls danced on the floor. 

On the other wall,the screen displayed very dreadful punishment being suffered by inmates. Many were being crushed under elephant feet. Some were being boiled in hot oil.  Some were  forceed to embrace red hot statues of opposite gender. He had read in a book that those guilty of adultery were made to embrace red hot iron statue of opposite gender.   

After some time, the yamdoot girl disturbed Ramesh: Yama Raj wants to see you immediately.

On entering the well decorated chamber, he saw that Yama Raj was watching  heavens and hells on his computer screen. He was wearing black European type dress with neck tie.  

Ramesh noticed a man typing  on a lap top in Yama Raj chamber. Ramesh asked him what he was doing. That man told that he was guilty of spamming and submitting article copied from other sites. This was a new type of sin. Punishment for this sin was to write a 10,000 words article on toipic selected by Yama Raj.  

Yamaraj  switched off the computer and said to a lady clerk:  Madam Chitragupta. Please see what brings this man here.

Ramesh thus came to know that the appointment as Chitragupta had also been given to a woman. Madam Chitragupta switched on her laptop and opened a webpage. She looked at profile of Ramesh.

Madam Chitragupta said to Yama Raj: Sir. Ramesh has not done anything commendable and so cannot be sent to swarg (paradise).  But he has also done nothing wrong. For some small offences, he was adquately punished on Earth. By sending him to Narak(hell), he cannot be doubly punished. Double punishment is against principles of natural justice and hence unlawful. Another issue is that we have to wait for clearance from the concerned Pandas at Haridwar and Kuruchhetra. Last rites and all clearances must be made and certified by Pandas at Haridwar and in some cases Kuruchhetra.    

Ramesh: Madam Chitragupta! Are you sure that my days on Earth have ended?

Madam Chitragupta: Why this funny question?  Unless your days on Earth ended, you would not leave your body. 

Ramesh: Madam. with due respect, let me draw your attention to the movie 'Jhuk gaya Asmaan'. The hero in that movie had to be sent back

Madam Chitragupta again read Ramesh's profile carefully and exclaimed: Ramesh is right. Send him back immediately. He has to stay for many years more on Earth. 

Madam Chitragupta said that there is another Ramesh in adjoining Mathura town and he would be arriving soon. Ramesh of Agra had to be sent back.

Madam Chitragupta clapped. Two yamdoots (pretty girls) arrived. They carried Ramesh to Joseph.

Joseph said: Ramesh!  Chief Accountant (Chitragupta) of Yamalok has confirmed that you are not yet wanted in the island of death. Go back and enter your physical body. Wish you best of luck.

Ramesh again felt dark around him and moved fast. He opened his eyes and found that he was lying in the street surrounded by crowd.

Harish, a neighbor of Ramesh shouted with joy: Ramesh is okay now. Thanks God.

Ramesh thanked all for caring so much about him, bought vegetables, bread, eggs and butter as usual and went home. 

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