The state of Jammu and Kashmir is supposed to be an integral part of the country. Despite this, the state has its own constitution and flag. It is also governed by a special article of Indian constitution namely article 370, which confers a special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The fact for reasons unknown Kashmir has been treated with kid gloves by the union government and no effort has been made to integrate Kashmir with the Indian Union. Failure to integrate Kashmir has resulted in sectarian policies and chauvinistic ideas floating around in the valley. The people there over a period of time began to think of themselves as distinct from India. They were also able to cultivate a religious divide.

Beginning of crisis

No action was taken by the central government to defuse the crisis. The results were disasters as over 2 lakh Hindu Kashmir Pandits were forced to leave the valley. This was nothing short of ethnic cleansing. The Government of India made no attempt to stop that ethnic cleansing of  Hindu pandits and I think as things stand now the Kashmir Valley is hundred percent Muslim. With migration from other parts, the countries to Kashmir banned this group of Muslims was easily exploited by Pakistan and extremist Muslims. The result was that the valley became the breeding ground of terrorism.

The rise of terrorism was not overnight but progressed forward over a period of almost three decades. During this period the Government of India with leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi Narasimha Rao, and Manmohan Singh sat like Nero who fiddled when Rome burned.. The result was that an average Kashmiri began to think himself more a Pakistani then an Indian. This has now resulted in a full-grown insurrection. Not a day passes when the insurgents do not attack the army or the police.  this There is no doubt that Pakistani terrorists are coming into the country, but what is significant is that a  number of local Kashmiri youth have taken to the gun and are ready to die for their cause. These are the suicide bomber and daredevil Mujahidin who fight in the name of Islam. They are firm in their belief that after death they will go to paradise and be rewarded with 72 virgin wives.

Fedeyan attack

With this background, we can analyze the Fedeyan attack on the army camp in the heart oF Jammu. The Attack should not be a surprise as it has all the makings of a classical operation. Probably it was conceived in Pakistan at the headquarters of the Inter Sevices military intelligence of the Pakistan army. The attackers were highly motivated and they chose the army camp which incidentally has been attacked earlier also.

The camp housed the J&K light infantry. This is a unit created after independence and is an outlet for Kashmiri Muslims  Most of the members of this unit belong to Kashmir. Nehru and Cariappa had accepted the principle of the Martial race, but the British never recruited any Kashmiri, as they did not consider them martial. this point need not be sneered at, as the Kashmiri is known as a docile person and for that reason, Kashmir has always been ruled and the local population which at one time was 100% Hindu converted overwhelmingly to Islam.

The enemy within

The result was that the camp was inadequately defended. it is inconceivable that 3or 4 heavily armed terrorists could enter the camp, which as I have said is in a crowded area of Jammu. In all probability, the watch and search procedures were not followed. There also was no patrolling inside the camp and the terrorists could reach the family quarters area. It is sad that 6 soldiers were martyred. Needless to add that all were Muslims from J&K. The army moved in later and special forces rushed in as the J&K light infantry did not have trained soldiers to take on the terrorists. This is a serious lacuna that a quick reaction team to fight terrorists was not on hand in a large camp.

These are mistakes that are avoidable. The J& K sentries at the gate and those responsible for perimeter patroling were perhaps not alert, otherwise, teh infiltration bid should have been neutralized in the bud. Sadly it did not happen and the Indian state has to pay the penalty.Another thing that must be investigated as some co religionist soldier could have turned black sheep.  There is no proof, but must be investigated.

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