MS-DOS is a widely used operating system for personal computers.

Creating a directory

Creating a directory is helpful if you want to organize related files into groups to make them easy to find.


1. To create a directory, md command needs to be used. The "md" command stands for "make directory".

For example, to create a directory named FRUIT, type the following,

C:\> md fruit

By typing above command, directory named fruit is created at the path which was selected i.e. if C:/> is selected, then fruit directory is created in C drive.


2. If you want to check whether directory is created successfully or not then use dir command to verify.

C:\> dir

by typing above command, list of all directoires gets displayed on the screen where you can check whether fruit directory is created successfully or not.


3. If you want to move inside the fruit directory, you need to change directory that is you need to use cd command.

C:\> cd fruit

After typing above command and pressing enter button, following gets displayed.


Similarly, you can create another directory inside fruit directory, you can use above listed commands and verify the creation of directory.


Deleting a directory

1. To delete a directory, you need to use rd command which stands for "remove directory".

C:\> rd fruit

By typing above command, directory named fruit will get deleted from C drive.


2. If you want to confirm that fruit directory is deleted from C drive, you need to use dir command for confirmation.

C:\> dir

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