In Report Generation having 2 Components Jasper Reports , iReport.

Jasper Reports

Its Reporting engine and Report compiler, they Export result in Various types PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV, XML, RTF, TXT

They also support Various data source types JDBC, EJB, POJO, Hibernate, XML. Jasper report  Integrated with charting

Its extension .jrxml for jasper report definition , .jasper is complied file format


  • its mainly used for Visual design operation and its support designing reports and forms, then compiling report definitions also

iReport awareness can open both formats

Step1: Choose Report Template

open a new file then open one popup window there is five option like Report, Style, Chart theme ,Resource bundle, other file type

Report wizard

Its used to display values from data source that is refer or imported from  database or xml file

Style wizard

Its used to define one or more styles, its to generate customized element

Chart theme

Its used to select various type of chart like 2D or 3D Application

Resource bundle

It is text document ,it used to translation for string

Other file type

Its used to run common file wizards

Step 2: Name and Location

Give Report name and file location, in file location can be changeable and final one is file path

Step 3: Query

Choose connection or data source , suppose there is no Query then Press New button to create Connection or database

After select Query type then write a SQL Query ,Design SQL Query and Load SQL Query

Step 4: Fields

After Query execute result fields are shown in left side panel and then you can select Specified fields through Selection button ,selected fields are displayed in Right side

Step 5: Group by

Select Group by Result value in specified any fields

Step 6: Finish

Finial Step just press Finial Button then generation report

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