Global warming

News reports about earth quakes, floods, sea level rise, temperature rise etc are common in media nowadays. Time to think seriously that what will be the reason for all these incidences have passed. Nature began to respond to human’s deeds and exploitation. As we are on the verge of development the rate of exploitation is increasing day by day. One of the major challenges that we are going to face in the future will be global warming and it’s after effects.
We know that earth is powered by sun and it is the one and only source of energy. This energy is taped by plants and humans use it for his living. He also converts the solar power directly and indirectly for his various needs. Our earth’s characteristic is such that it receives the required power for living beings on it and the remaining is radiated outwards. But human interventions in this natural process have made the situation worse.
The major problem now every country is facing that it cannot meet the energy requirements of population residing on it. This increase in demand for the energy makes exploitation of nature vigorous and will create the causes for global warming

Causes of global warming
The main culprits of global warming is the green house gases. Green housre gases include carbon-di-oxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The role of the green house gas is that it traps the heat reflecting from earth’s surface. In these gases the major contribution of global warming is done by carbon-di-oxide. Carbon is one of the major building block of every organic material. So when an organic material is burned CO2 is produced. While burning coal in power plants, 80% of the whole carbon-di-oxide supply is filled. The remaining is made by the automobiles, from households, industrial burning etc. We cannot suddenly stop the working of power plant and industries because they are the key factors of a developing nation. So we have to think about the ways of reducing the emission of CO2. While comparing the heat trapping capacity of various green house gases methane dominates. Methane is produced from paddy fields because of the degradation of paddy, due to the action of certain bacteria and also when organic matter decays in the earth. Methane is more efficient for trapping heat, but is not much produced like CO2 is produced.
The increase in CO2 is generally arising due to deforestation. When the number of plants which take carbon-di-oxide and give out oxygen reduces concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere also increases. Greater urbanization requires more and more space and this is the major cause of deforestation.

Effects of global warming
One of the after effects of global warming is the melting of glaciers. As years pass the temperature of globe is increasing by a degree more. 21st century will face increase in temperature of about 3 or 8 degree Celsius. This makes the glacier melting rapid and will result in sinking of several small islands and coastal area will reduce to a considerable level. The melting of glaciers can also create glacier earth quakes.
Global warming can affect the agricultural field also. The increase in temperature will adversely affect the production harvest of the crops. This will create agricultural inflation in a nation. The marine creatures are cold blooded animals. Their body temperature will change as atmospheric temperature changes. Global warming can adversely affect the marine life also. It is expected that many life will die due to global warming and will lead to extinction. When each day is passing the proofs show that we are in an emergency situation that is to be controlled.

Many steps were put forward by different nations for controlling global warming by cutting down the production of green house gases. The Kyoto agreement which signed between nations is an agreement to reduce the production of green house gases. Changing the power consumption methods is a way to reduce global warming. When more power is used resulting in production of more power and will lead to increased burning of fuels in thermal power stations. This will emit more gases into the atmosphere and will cause global warming. Another way is to change to solar power tapping by the use of solar panels. By this method production of wastes and green house gases can be reduced to an extent. Also power consumption can also be reduced. Lesser the wastage of energy will lead to reduction in the production of green house gases. 

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