Step 1 


When buying plants shade paper (such as Alkroton - Alsnquizia - Alolokasia - cream Alsalumi - Albitjonia - Snjunim - Feldndron - Devenbachia) do not prefer to buy them from towards the modified humidity and Ahara Rh, but to be shown in an atmosphere like atmosphere home so as not to dry and bombard Bas parts of leaves or Fallen deprives the desired aesthetic shape. 

Step 2 


Removal of plants, cosmetics, domestic sources of direct sunlight, radiators, smells, and air conditioning if possible, modify the humidity around dishes filled with water or moisturizing spray leaves the water from time to time Brchacp small capacity 1 - 1.5 liters. Should not be accessible to tamper with children or in places of transit and the movement to prevent the friction 

Step 3 


Of the most beautiful plants & Beauty balconies and windows, sunny group Gaonyat multiple colors, including existing, including Almtahedl including aromatic smell (fragrance), as well as Jasmine IBA and singular and Jasmine Indian Jasmine Alozorka (Alostunboli) and keeping the night and reportedly Alplintp colors of red and white may be present some Abbarat according to the taste of jam. 

Step 4


 Dimension completely from the use of any sprays containing materials with a view to polishing wax paper so as not to close the stomata securities and deteriorate or fall down repeating the spraying of these materials. 

Step 5 


When buying plants, roses Municipal seedlings must be to ensure its continued Mtaomp The plants that have been bred reason it is fast deteriorating and would prefer to keep it Balqsari whatever its size but rather prefer sunny places to cultivate the land. 

Step 6 


Abbarat water needs are few and the large number of water degradation, and cause rot unlike other plants such as Bird of Paradise and Alolokasia is love of life and preferably planted on the basins and adjacent to watercourses. 

Step 7 


Prefer to fertilize plants in general Bosmdp vehicle ready sold at stores that sell seeds, pesticides, and shops flowers in containers from half kilo to 2Step -25 K depending on the number of plants that will be fertilization and add fertilizer dissolved in water irrigation with a concentration of 1 / 2: 1 gram for each water Rey and the disinfectant can be added to the soil and not in the microwave sulfur limit of 3 grams per liter of irrigation water once every month 

Step 8 


If you want to propagation of some plants that proliferate Balalqp such Garonyat and pink or Baltvsis such as Bird of Paradise and Alolokasia and Alisbergs and Alispdstra Most Abbarat preferred to be in place shaded damp away when the air currents completely and is irrigation sprinkler spray water from the top to reduce the waste until fully be total radical new of the mind. 

Step 9 


Of the best environments of soil cultivation and management in exerting greater is the soil composed of peat moss + coarse sand washed from salts + compost (organic fertilizer Degradable) and the proportions 2:1:1 was replaced by sand Balvermoclet to reduce the loads and all of these raw materials are sold to the assignee of flowers and seeds as well. 
Step 10 Remove older leaves, which began Isferrarha cut any parts are dry by scissors as preferred scratching the surface of the soil for each period of ventilation after drying and before irrigation Hqrv and Irrigation is by irrigation pot, and all of these tools currently available, whether the assignee or specialized exhibitions 

Step 11 


Preferably with a list of plants such as Aldrasenat in the elements surrounded by vegetation gradient in length and preferably around the conflicts of the colors in the places include limited lighting and bright colors in the places with a rich taste in mind and the desire of the scope of the place 

Step 12 


Something of last resort, a certain scientifically that plants generally reproduce events voices loud affecting them and the events quiet animated them, as well as nervous people around them also there are some plants respond to a clear response to soft music as part of a cultured and certainly the breeders of ornamental plants are the people who elevated their tastes and behavior.


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