Pollution in air, Pollution on earth, Pollution in water, Sound pollution, these are all damaged environment. By this reason ozone thin. These effects are danger to human. Suffered Not only men but also sufferings birds and animals.

Mainly lungs are affected by smoke. Is it difficulty in breathing? The main answer is that reason. Carbon dioxide in smoke

Air – polluted on the earth. No good atmosphere in the future. Save and protect to the earth. This is all are responsibility not one man not one country. We wish to live in good atmosphere.

Smoke released by production factories. Heavy vehicles small vehicles releases smoke and refrigerators pollute the air.

Air- pollution is usually measured by sampling of air thermal and by electrostatic precipitation, son kin impactor and electronic dust collectors. The particulate pollution is measured by the instrument called deposit gauge or by Owens’s dust counter. The smoke- shade method draws air through a filter paper such that smoke particulars in the air are retained on the paper forming a stain. The concentration of smoking in the atmosphere can be estimated by drawing a know volume of air through a filter paper and measuring the density of the resulting stain with photoelectric reflect meter. A calibration curve relating on the filter paper has been established for standard has been established for standard urban smoke.

Dust counter is photoelectric apparatus which measures the size and number of dust particulars per volume of air. Electrostatic precipitator is a device to measure and separate the particulate pollutant.

Through air

Many bacterial and viral diseases of the respiratory tract are transmitted through the air. The germs of influenza and tuberculosis, for example, pass into the air from the nose, throat and lungs of an infected person when he coughs, sneezes, talks or breathes. The fine droplets which are thus expelled remain suspended in the air for quite some time and a healthy person can get infected by inhaling them. The common cold, whooping cough, meals, chickenpox and diphtheria also spread this way.



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