Children are well informed

The relations in between children and parents have improved as the communication level has gone up in every field and it’s improving as much as the time is passing by.  Children are also finding different ways of gaining information from various sources effectively and positively. There are so many reasons of different awareness in children as their reach to various sources of information is becoming far too easy. Sources like TV, newspapers, schools and parents are providing them enough support to make them prepared better to know about the present day conditions. Parents and other sources are making them understand about how to face hardships of life in far better ways. Children today know much better about their parents than they used to know a few decades earlier and all this is making them understand every thing on far better ground. They understand social and family situations better than their earlier generations.  

I can still recall the days while my daughter was only seven when she used to get up early from her bed to pick my pack of cigarettes to take them to toilet and flush them down the seat. She wanted to stop me from smoking because she knew that cigarettes were no good for my health, perhaps she knew it better than me, who understood it much later and gave up this bad habit but if I quit it, as easily I owe it to her. She did her best to get me rid of a health hazard that I am not sure today, if I would have quit my bad habit if she were not the driving force behind it 

Communication with parents

Most children know about what is good or bad for their parents and try to stop them from those bad habits although most of the parents do not listen to them not taking them seriously. Children today can communicate with their parents in far better way and even tell them about their shortcomings which was out of question only 15-20 years before when children did not dare talk to their parents the way they do today. The children are getting some of these positive effects from different media, which have made them bolder to communicate in this particular way although some of such habits are making them older than their age prematurely. However, these are the side effects of the advanced technologies, which we have to live with these days.

You might be surprised to know 

fun kidsThat is very much possible if you listen to a child telling her mother that ‘you are okay but have a bad habit otherwise of being too talkative as that makes you unable to finish my homework on time’ you may find it a bit odd but that is how the things stand today. You should try to remove the bad habit from your child because that is not desired coming from a kid as that is little too much for his age. The children are being too matured in an early age as the media is feeding too much beyond our comfort level. Children are learning too many things before they should know these in such a tender age. We should try to keep them away from some of these although most of the time they could be right but that is too much coming from them in that particular age.

Children act like your parents in certain cases

That is true the way the children are learning different things from sources available to them they are behaving like adults and some times act as if they can guide you in certain matters. There is another scene, which used to be common in western world is normal in our country, children have become too frank and discuss with parents almost on every subject frankly and openly because they know almost every thing through the various mediums scattered all around them and friends to add to their knowledge. Children are becoming wiser because they are getting many opportunities in their school functions, gatherings, competitions etc. Children some times can guide us like parents and take care of some bad habits as they feel it bad while parents smoke or drink especially if they know that these habits can make bad effects on their parents.  

Facts also indicate that most children do not cross their limits if their upbringing is right but this is their love for you if they want you to stay away from your bad habits. The reason behind their outspokenness is hidden most probably in the right of expression that is not denied to children if they want to talk to their parents freely. If they tell you to not to smoke or drink they only doing it for the sake of your well being and out of love towards you. They do not mean offence but only wish to make you aware that they feel and understand your problem and most parents understand their feelings and concern.

Awareness programs are making them wiser

Most programs telecast on different channels are making them more aware about social problems and they find their own homes to apply or experiment their newly acquired knowledge as the test lab besides they find no one more suitable whom they can alert about the risks hence you find yourself as their initial targets. Parents also know that children today are no lesser genius. Programs like ‘Satyamev Jayate’ have created lot of interest and awareness in them as they understand matters like ‘honor killings,’ boozing, wife-beating, smoking etc on better terms therefore we must also understand their feelings to make our own impression, which would make them proud of us.


You always wanted your child to be a responsible citizen and behave in a responsible manner toward the society and society of your child begins from home therefore if he wants to take active part in making things improve around him then you should encourage him to do it. You should only see to it that he does not overdo the act, treat them friendly but they should know their limit.  hoto from wikipedia

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