The best relationship is the relationship of husband and wife. Two different people grown in different circumstances and environment live together and lead a family life. This relationship creates a new world and a family of their own. But it is common that difference in thoughts come between husband and wife. Each of them thinks that what they think is correct. Sometimes deep discussion about silly matter puts them into worst situation. But this can avoided when both of them act wisely according to the situation.

When you are in anger, both feel the need to express your problems, this is correct but you should not scream at the top of the voice without listening to your spouse. If you feel that this cannot be done, then maintain silence for yourself for some time. This will make both of you to calm down and enable you to think about the real cause.

You should always talk about the problem, but not about the past. You should avoid pin pointing the disabilities of the other person. Talking about the present situation will get you a solution, but when you start talking about what your spouse has done in the past will make the situation worst.

If you feel that the problem is not so big and serious, try to mix fun while talking, By doing this, the other person who is in angry mood will start laughing and the situation comes into control.

Start the discussions with wise words instead to talking rudely. With this the other person will also behave wisely with you. You will have the chance to discuss more about the problem. However serious may be the problem, it will end with a pleasant solution.

In discussion we feel that the other person should agree with us, but for the sake of this we should not scream and tell what we want. We should avoid crying while expression our feelings. Instead of this you should suggest the solutions from your end.

You have to behave the way how you expect the other person to behave with you. You should respect the feeling and suggestions of your spouse, so that he/she will behave the same with you. With this the situation will cross your limits.

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