"Confidence comes not from knowing you know everything, but from knowing you can handle what comes up".....Donn King

We all have fears, fears of not being accepted, fears of failure, fears of losing someone we love, etc. But life is not only about these fears and these rejections, but it is much more than that. It is about feeling alive and loving yourself.

Some few years back I used to hover about what other people thinks about me and that whether they like me or not. I used to get very disappointed and sad if someone didn't like me or did not pay attention to me. I used to feel neglected. But as I grew older I started thinking over and questioned myself that is it really necessary for everyone to like me and accept me? I thought and thought and finally arrived at the answer. The answer was "No". Everybody is different and we all have our limitations and choice of thought. For e.g., when you are in a group of people, ask yourself do you always feel like talking to everybody or you are more comfortable with a selected few. The answer is simple we choose people with whom we are comfortable and like talking to and it does not necessarily mean that we hate the others. 

The world does not hate you. Stop brooding about what people think about you. Instead focus on the positive side of the people you meet. Be generous and ignore negative comments. When you are in conversation with a person try to focus on what the person is saying and listen carefully. Focus in that conversation and politely accept the person's point of view. Opinions may differ but that does not mean that the person does not like you or has something in mind.

Focus on your strengths. We all were born with some specific talents be it cooking, music, sports, your sense of humor, public speaking, etc. First thing in the morning is to look at the mirror and take pride in yourself. God is kind and has gifted each of us with some specific qualities. Take pride in them and nurture those qualities. Whenever you are feeling down or sad or insecure try to focus and think about the qualities you have and try to look into the positive side of your personality.

Get over your insecurities. Even the smartest and the most successful men have insecurities. The only thing is that they know how to deal with them. So it might seem silly but start with writing down a list of the fears and insecurities you have. Now try to understand and find the reason behind such insecurities. After doing so try to solve them. For e.g. if you fear a person who is always nasty with you or insults you try not to avoid that person, instead stand up to him and confront him but never avoid his glance. Make that person understand that you are not afraid of him.

Improve your interpersonal skills and communication skills. Cultivate your communication skills and improve your listening power. Whenever you are in conversation with a person first try to listen to what he or she is saying and then think and answer. Try not to be hasty and don't shy away from people. 

Do not compare yourself to others. Try to be content and happy with whatever resources you have. Do not compare your life with that of your friend's or your colleague's or someone else. They might not have something which you have. So you may never know, so stop comparison instantly.

Follow your heart and your instincts. Believe in yourself and follow your heart. Even if you are wrong you will learn through your mistakes.

Be positive. A positive attitude can win hearts. Take compliments graciously and do not shy away. Again, compliment people for their achievements and qualities with a genuine smile. Try to help others and you will see you are only helping yourself.

Adhere to your principles. Be strong and focus on your principles. Always try to stick to them as much as you can and never give up with the slightest of distraction. When you are true to yourself you will feel an inner strength within yourself that never compromises under any circumstance.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your health and lead a healthy life. Take healthy food and do some physical exercises. A fit and healthy body gives rise to a fit and healthy mind. Sleep properly. Work out a beauty regime. Wear well fitted dresses and dresses that compliment your personality. 

Avoid negative contacts. If you have friends and people in your life who has a negative influence and you feel like their presence is stopping you from having mental peace in your life avoid them. The same goes with the choice of your career. If you are not happy with your present job and you feel it is hampering your growth try to find an alternative career.

Enjoy your present moment. Live in the present and do not get overwhelmed by the mistakes of the past. 

Confidence is a state of mind and it just needs some practice. Do not fear the possibilities of rejection. Even in  job interview you might not get the job that you have applied for, but that is not the end there are thousands of jobs there in the market. One just needs to believe in oneself that it is not the end of the world. Try to surround yourself with people who brings a positive impact in your life. Don't waste your time with people who tries to put you down. Instead focus your energy in doing something constructive.   

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