Have been single since too long?

Have you been single like since ages and missing out the fun or feeling the presence of a void in your life. May be you are making some mistakes without even realizing.

  • Stuck on your ex? Moving on is an important part of life. You must stop talking about your ex all the time. Keep away your ex the moment you decide to date someone. Talking about your ex on your date may be a mood spoiler for your date.
  • Do not overload your date! You go for a date and literally dictate your autobiography to your date? Not impressive at all and can turn to be a very boring experience for your date.
  • Socialize online and offline both – Socializing is a good way to have fun and who knows you may find a good partner to go on a date with somewhere in a friend’s birthday party or may be on the social networking site. So do not ignore social gatherings and keep the doors of your heart open, the cupid may strike anytime and anywhere.
  • Leave the baggage of your past relationships at home before going for a date. Do not take the pressure of your past with you, go with a light and fresh heart and mind to enjoy the company of your date.
  • Take some efforts! Go for a makeover to boost up your confidence and pump up your spirits. Eat well, feel good and hope for the good and you are ready to go!


Going for the first date? So you have been single for quite long and now finally you found someone you like to spend time with. You must be excited and thrilled but before you take the step forward keep im mind these things

  • First impression is important! Go by the saying that first impression is the last impression. How you are perceived on the first date is very important in shaping up the future possibilities. Appearance is as important as mannerisms.
  • Do away with fear, nervousness and insecurities before dating someone. Do not take the stale baggage along with you. Mentally prepare yourself because your insecurities and fears may come up in your communication.
  • Draw your lines. Keep your expectations of a date clear. Keep things in your mind clear cut as to which are the things you cannot compromise on.
  • Do not rush! Relationships require time so that understanding and trust develops between the two. Misunderstandings and misjudgments are part of a relation. One should gradually move from one level to another and not force your expectations on your date.

Am I in love? So from the first casual date you now have met countless number of times and you like the person very much. You might be confused whether the feeling is just an infatuation or maybe love? If you are by any chance showing many of the symptoms I have mentioned below, it is time for you to rejoice because you might be in love! Try figuring it out.

  • You start listening to the most romantic songs and even hum them with a smile on your face. At times you realize you turn up too cheesy and may even find it funny but it just happens. You imagine yourself and your love in those romantic songs and often daydream. You relate to the songs as if they are made for you and your love.
  • Everything associated with him is cute and charming. Most of the times you would find his habits or words to be cute and him the most charming person you have ever met. Everything he does might appeal to you; the slightest of efforts he makes to be with you make you extremely happy. You adore him in everything he does.
  • You think of the person anytime and every time. Yes! Your mind and heart together play the trick and be it anything you would think of the person. You meet a person you start thinking had it been your beloved how would he had reacted or responded. You might be watching a movie and imagining him in it or having your own thoughts.
  • For you spending time with him becomes your priority. You would with or without thought put your tasks at bay and make it a point to give him your time. For you the loveliest hour of the day is when you meet with him. And when you are with him the outside world seems to not exist.
  • You start fantasizing about him. This happens with many people. You start thinking about how life would be with that person as your spouse. You think and smile at the idea of living under the same roof, cooking together, watching television together sitting on your couch and many things.
  • Some even become poets. As is shown in movies, if you are in love you become a poet suddenly. This can be very clearly visibly on the social networking sites wherein you would have updated status or tweeted about love or something around love.
  • Denying being in love? You may deny constantly that this feeling is just due to attraction and has nothing to do with love. When your friends ask you will put them off by saying “oh! We are just good friends”.
  • You may start ignoring your friends to be with him. Friends and social gatherings come second and you can give up the friend’s birthday party to go on a long drive with your beloved. Even a trip to your most favorite place is unable to attract you off your beloved. This may not be taken in a healthy way by your friends but you sometimes do it hurting them unknowingly. You know your friends are the best buddies one can have and are awesome but somehow you want to be more with your date.
  • You start taking care of yourself. Never earlier would you have bothered about how dull or frizzy your hair looks, or how you are adding up fat around your belly. But now you often go for haircuts and spas because you have to look your best at every possible hour of the day.
  • There is an up boost of energy and confidence in you. When you are in love with him you develop self love too. He would make you feel good about yourself and you will notice yourself being much more confident and upbeat than earlier. The joy of being loved shows on your face.
  • You find everything to be fun, most of the moments happy. You start noticing the weather, the moon at night, the flowers in your garden, everything around seems to be beautiful. These existed before also but now you seem to have started admiring their beauty or cuteness. The world around turns out to be happy place for you. You smile to yourself and feel good about yourself and each and everything around you. You sense the positivity in the air and consider everything is happening for the good. You are very much in love!

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