There was a girl, aged 17 years, having a dream of getting higher education from the best institution of her country. But because of some circumstances she took admission in an institute which she didn't like at all. She was depressed and started wasting her time on internet, chatting with unknowns with fake accounts. When she was a school girl, she was having a long check list for her boyfriend and the very first item of her check list was that,that his boyfriend must be a topper and genius because she was the topper of her school, he must have a good accent, must be tall, not very fair and blah-blah. She was not ready to compromise with a single criteria of her check list.

One day, she met with a guy on internet, he was studying in the best institute of his country and was a real genius and have all the other qualities of her check list. A perfect face of her dreams. Both became friends on social networking site and after a few days the boy proposed her just for fun. But that innocent girl took his proposal very seriously and accepted. They started talking on phone and exchanged their photos. After some time they met and kissed each other, the girl was still not knowing that this boy is serious about him or not but continued her relationship with him.

 One day while talking on phone they started a very serious discussion about their future. The boy told her that because there are lots of problem in their marriage and he is not ready to argue or even talk to his parents about that girl, they have to end up their relationship but because they are so addicted of each other they should stop talking to each other slowly and gradually. The statement of that boy was ,"I love you but not that much that i can fight with my family just for you." . These talks made that girl cry a lot and that day she decided to have a break-up with that boy. She text-ed her that she their relationship is over. The next night, boy called her and started crying on phone, he pleaded her, not to leave him in this situation because he was in need of that girl's emotional support. So they continued their relationship for a bit long time.

The boy got job and went to another city but didn't stop calling that girl. One day she asked her a final time that either he promise her for any long distance relationship or marriage or stop calling her. He denied for both the conditions. Girl stopped receiving his calls and after some time the boy finally stopped calling her.

At new year eve ,he wished her "HAPPY NEW YEAR"  on that same social networking site where they started their love and girl replied "SAME TO YOU". The girl is still thinking that she never dreamed of such formal relationship with her love of life. Yes, she was selfish, she made e relationship with that boy because he was intelligent and would get a good job, but loved him truly by heart. Most of you would say that the girl was stupid but every one is a stupid in love.

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