Thanks to the internet, one now can have everything available to them easily. With the click of a mouse button, one can even find a hot date for the weekend too. Yes, it is possible and the world wide web is flooded with offers, right from downright shy boys and girls to hottest divas and stallions waiting to make you happy.

But is this for real

Now thats a billion dollar question we say? Who knos if all of this is real or not, one just cannot bank on those testimonials too, it could be written by the websmaters teams to make it attractive and to lure more clients. Hence, we would like to speak to you about certian things when online dating is concerned, so please read on and be well-informed for the same. It is always better to be safe than sorry, espeically when we get to read so many hits, misses and horror stories out there.

Beware of profiles that have no pictures

Please do not fall for profiles that have celebrity pictures or those which dont have any at all. Irrespective of how enticing their talks maybe, sugar coating here in the online world is the name of the game. We all want love and to be loved in more ways than one, and over time these predators stick on to us like parasites or make us dependant on them. The main aim for such attention seeking nymphos is to ensure that you fall for their talks, in the end you waste your time, and in some cases your money as well.

Never give out too much of your personal life in the first few talks

Irrespective of how well they speak and how many claims they make of being decent, suave and sophisticated, do not pass out your financial and personal details to them. You never know if this is actually what they were waiting for, and one fine morning you wake up to identity theft, only to discover the one you trusted through online dating sites has cleaned your wallet and made a run for. In some cases, they may even land up at your doorstep and blackmail you, we hope this doesnt happen to you. Hence, take it slow and use your due diligence over time whether you actually want to share more of your life with the virtual friend or not.

Fix up a real face to face meeting

It is but important to do this, at least if the two of you have been chatting with one another for more than a month now, online. But ensure this date is fixed at a public place, and that your whereabouts are known to your close friends and family if possible. A complete NO for dates at his place or yours the first time, be cautious for you really dont know the person very well. 

The purpose of us writing this for you is to ensure that you have fun while engaging in online dating services. But at the same time we really dont want that fun to turn into a nightmare, get the drift. Hence be very cautious about the people you interact with online and if possible, conduct background checks before you meet that hotty!! 

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