Outside one's family members, it is very essential that we have friends.  These friends can be long lasting, and can chip in with a great deal of help, if only we have the right approach in not only maintaining such friendships, but also going all out of the way to keep such friendships going on a steady pace.

It ought to be understood that nine out of ten people in this world are good.  They also look out for new friends and relationships with such friends.  Some try to become very close and interact as family members.  Some maintain a distance, but really make a huge difference in times of need.

Be that as it may, what we need to develop is a good and durable friendship with several close friends and a good relationship with new friends in our lives.

The most important point that needs to be noted that we should also do something to maintain a good friendship.  Trying to make commercial capital of any friendship, as many people attempt to do, is outright stupid and also unethical. No person in this world is an island.  We all depend on others for some help or the other.

Neighbors can be great friends indeed.  The apartment culture is a real problem in big cities, as people tend to lock themselves up within the confines of their houses and do not react at all, to any offer of friendship.

It should be noted that there are now concerted attempts being made in many cities to break this dangerous practice.  There is one main reason -- the security angle.  If people know each other, and are quite friendly with each other, it is very much possible that each person will go a long way in helping others in times of need.  The sole security guard or even the CCTV cannot be a substitute for human watch over who is coming and going out of an apartment complex. So, friendship holds the key.

Significantly, the apartment owners have problems that are unique.  So develop friendship with others will positively help one to identify plumbers, electricians, doctors, carpenters, cooks and servant maids, among other service people. 

Friends have different needs at different stages of their lives. So, any attempt to solve any small problem at any stage, will be really welcomed and that particular friend will reciprocate in equal kind.  For example, if we could be resourceful in identifying the best teachers to teach mathematics, physics and chemistry, and get these teachers to teach the son of a close friend, it will be a vital boon for the person.

There are friends who are very much caring, and present themselves first at any emergency, like when a person is seriously sick or is admitted in the hospital or there is an accident where the family member needs to be taken to the hospital immediately.

This is a very important aspect of friendship.  If we have such friends, we also need to go all out of the way to reciprocate the same, on any occasion of emergency.

There are friends who do all the leg work related to a marriage and take care of all the guests who come to the marriage.  They even handle the accounts and settle the accounts, with great accuracy.  They accompany old people to the railway station and stay on, till all the formalities are over.  They literally run the marriage as if it were their own.

Such is the quality of good friendship.  We should always learn from such experiences. 

In today's complex world, any vital knowledge about a good retirement scheme of a mutual fund or insurance company, can be a good avenue for investment.  We need to spread this good word around and ensure that we have a close circle of friends who are very knowledgeable about such matters. 

Hence, we should learn from whatever we see around us, and then develop such friendships.

As far as friendship through the social media is concerned, it is wise to stay within limits.  Giving the cell numbers to total strangers or sharing family details can be very dangerous, as it has been proved in several cases of crime.  Facebook or what's up or Twitter is all fine, but we need to share only something that can be shared.  We need to be very careful here, and not attempt something stupid. 

As far as friends of our children are concerned, it is wise to keep a big close watch.  Friends who are very well known to the family are okay, but any new friend, from any other quarter can be very dangerous, more so, when the friend belongs to the opposite sex.  If there are several such new friends, the father and mother need to be very careful indeed and nip any unpleasant development in the mud, before any wrong happens.

Yes, nine out of ten people in this world are good.  However, just one or two can make a huge difference, and we need to be aware of such bad apples.

When we demonstrate good friendship and understand the need for deeper understanding among close friends, there will be joy all around.  It is but essential that we learn from every single experience and by looking at really good people, who are already friends, to our close friends or relatives.  By reaching out to them in a selfless fashion, it is indeed possible to develop good and meaningful friendships in the right way. 

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