Little bit of exchanges in between couples

When Shakespeare created, Othello and Hamlet he should have known that he was only passing the message to future generations about the household scuffles those were common place even in that age as well. Love stays but every moment that passes by makes a difference in the love life in between the couple but with a difference. The couple begins to find excuses to show their differences in different matters. Although that does not make much of a difference on their married life but that certainly sounds a warning bell to make them careful.

The age certainly makes difference on married life as the warm relations of initial years give way to maturity and kind of habit of each other’s. As one of my friends put it that he has become habitual of his wife like his morning newspaper and bed tea without which he cannot begin his day. A strange comparison indeed but true to some extent. In fact, the newspaper stays for few minutes but is forever, one does not change it daily and most wives cannot imagine separating from their husbands in wildest of their dreams. The habit of our companion is inseparable, which stays even if we fight or show disagreements several times a day but that is part of the married life and that has its own feeling, a different feeling that makes the relation that much more stronger. We may find it strange but the fact is that we cannot afford to stay away for long time once we have a small fight with our partner and that is most lovely part of this relation that shows our real love and that keeps us with each other, forever.  

The meaning of marriage

Perhaps these small fights and then loving each other with more affection is the secret of a successful marriage. Marriage is an institution that enables a couple, who were strangers until yesterday but can tolerate each other to the extent that nothing can separate them any more from each other, come what may. The small scuffles may make them feel bad for moments but that is it, they may even feel like going their own ways while felt too badly but that feeling is only momentary because once the cool down, the find the feeling too disturbing. The whole reason behind such feeling is that they become used to each other to the extent that they cannot even think that they are two different personalities. Ask any one of a happily married couple and you shall invariably get the same answer that a true companionship makes you habitual of your partner with all his good and bad habits. You may feel bad for few small matters but you forget these things soon as these only routine habits, we can always live with such minor things because we both commit silly mistakes and forget them later. That is marriage for you where you remember smallest of habits of your partner and maybe do not love it but certainly do not hate it because you get used to it.

I am under the oath

couple 1Love is the tender feeling of a person that gives him opportunity to show it freely without having to keep a price tag but express them from the deep of his heart. These feelings show him in his true values with all his love, beauty of his inner feelings and affection and a loving couple never miss a chance to show their love for each other, more so when they think that they have done some thing bad to irritate their partner. Their feelings become all the more expressive in case they feel that their partner is not in a good mood. Despite the fact that husband and wife come from different atmosphere belong to different cultures or maybe were living a different lifestyle while unmarried but married life makes them one as the time passes by and they think alike and feel as a single unit even if they have small differences. Some couples find it easier to adapt to each other rather easily compared to others because the share even smallest of experiences with their partners and hat helps making them understand each other more easily. They find themselves dependent each other, as they become habit of each other, as they cannot do a thing without consent of their partner, even smallest things like colors of their dresses are decided by their partners. Such pairs have very little chances of having differences because they cannot afford to do that. They are most obedient type. They find themselves well and truly, under the oath of holy knot, they are the best example of true habit of each other. There are few time-tested formulas to remain a happy and loving pair forever, your marriage would never face slightest of problem- 

couple2A- Respect each other that will make both of you happy and your children would also learn to behave well

B- Always try your best that your partner does not remain angry for long time, your efforts in this matter are well taken by your  partner in fact, that is your test of love

C- Let your partner have some space because the present day life needs it

D- Do not make your love a show business, this is easy to say ‘I love you’ but make it from the deep of your heart, make it combined affair and see the difference

E- ‘I am with you, for you- every moment in life, good or bad’ this feeling would make a big difference in your love life

F- Your behavior is important, never think for a moment that one of you can boss around and still spend the life with love and affection. A well balanced love filled behavior is must to keep your relation give a new height , if you are behaving properly the chances are you shall get the same in return

G- Use ‘we’ in place of ‘I’ that makes a big difference to keep relations good and long lasting

H- Finally but most important the marriage has a limited space for two and the entry of third is strictly prohibited, you two are made for each other. You must know the importance of privacy to keep your relations intact forever

I- Share your views and plans with your partner that would help solve some of the difficulties and also you shall be getting the benefit of a helping hand


Marriage is an open license to spend your quality time with your partner depending upon yourself how you take it! Most couple who know the importance of a relationship find it an opportunity to convey their feelings and keep their partners in mind while doing their routine jobs wherever they are. The spouses become like habits and one never finds himself comfortable without the other partner. Your partner becomes your habit that makes you comfortable as well occupied forever. You understand this slowly but surely, as the time goes by that you cannot live without each other. You feel assured and comfortable because you have some one to feel you comfortable in all your troubles, happiness and joyful moments. You know very well that some one is there with open arms to support you in every condition good or bad, you have an open license for a successful life that has no expiry date.   

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