Valentine’s Day – The Love Day

So we are ready to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th this year as usual. You know guys in India the Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday (I am not sure if it is anywhere else too) but for most of us it is certainly a private holiday. Almost all our offices, colleges even the schools and all institutes in government and private and private sector shut their gates and everyone go out enjoy themselves with their valentine. 

Gift shops and florists offer special rates well in advance (I guess they add 30-60% extra in their normal rates). Last year I heard that a bunch of rose was selling at close to Rs.400 ($6) against its normal price of Rs 100 and a normal rose bud at Rs50-80 ($1-1.2) against Rs.10 in normal time. Happy Valentine’s Day dear shoppers or should I say shopkeepers instead!

There is no doubt whatsoever that Valentine’s Day is a popular love day the world over and we Indians being citizens of this world have every right to celebrate the occasion like our global counterparts. But let me remind you that we Indians have another love day which has been celebrated for centuries in our country but the younger generation is not aware about that. 

Yes, Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the month of Magh according to Indian calendar that was a week or so before but no one is talking about Basant Panchami. Actually Basant Panchami is not only a love day but a day which is dedicated to goddess Saraswati (the Goddess of Education or knowledge of all streams) but our younger generation is not aware about its importance any more. 

Actually, our love day has not been added in the list of multinationals like Archie’s in their list yet but we are waiting for the day when Basant Panchami will be celebrated all over the world once it is included in the list of shopping sites. I am hopeful that day will come soon as our shopkeepers leave no opportunity for earning money.

Do we really know the difference in between love and infatuation?

Sometimes I feel most people do not know the difference in between sex and love but for them lust and infatuation is what they feel is all about love (Again, there are some exceptions). I have never been a Facebook addicted person but lately been spending some time on FB for professional reasons and getting opportunities to read beautiful wall posts coming from my lovely ladies friends (Not all are so generous thou).

Expertise on Love – But communication is the key

I am not an expert on love or Valentine’s Day but what I know for sure is that one is never sure in a relationship. Some people mostly the men don’t find themselves in a comfortable position and if a person is not sure about his relationship that is for a simple reason, they have not talked with their partners. So what they should do, and for most it is not as simple as it sounds.

In most cases one finds him in a situation where his head tells him she is not as invested in him as he is himself and that’s what makes his position even more awkward. That person is never sure whether he should follow his heart or listen to his head. I say talk to her perhaps she has a better suggestion for you than you can come up with for yourself.

Now that your heart got into this so don’t let your head drag you out.  By the way have you ever heard that communication is the key and it works both ways? I don’t suggest you to let uncertainty down you but simply go and ask her your questions bothering you for ages.  Do you know you feel like that for a particular reason, maybe she doesn't realize your problem. So once again the best way to get out of this uncertain situation is to talk to her.  

Every day is a Love Day

Having written about Valentine’s Day and Basant Panchami the days fixed for celebration of love openly (I will not call it PDA, the public display of affection though) But I am unable to understand what purpose does expression of a personal feelings serve in public on a particular day of a year. Why should we fix one day every year and why not all the 365 days for the sake of love that is not a difficult job if you’re in real love? 

If you ask me I will say love is not all about having someone in particular but it is a mental state which motivates us to connect with others. For me every day is a love day I love to live with others giving them what best I can and expecting the same in return. Why should I reserve my full quota of love for someone special to show my love on a particular day that I can share with them on each and every day?   

I will go a step further and will treat all persons in my life with same amount of affection as I treat that I consider most important. I suggest if you look at people in your circle with a different angle and focus your attention at them with an affectionate point of view that will change your own way of thinking about them and bring them closer to you.


I understand the human physiology which says that at times all persons in our close contact look almost same to us or we tend to have good feeling for all of our friends, close coworkers and relatives. I try to understand as much as possible about all people in my close contact, of course within the limit of privacy in my mind and find myself more attached with them. 

Don’t you think we tend to neglect our important relations but we should never do so but spend more time with them instead? I have my own trust that there is no particular day for love but every day is a love day. Happy Valentine's Day!   

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