In this busy and stressed life of 21st Century we take relationships to casually. We leave the second moment  when something goes out of our league. We don't take even a moment to think about it and work on it. I myself have been in a relationship for 7 years. And in this long run I have learnt some keys to work on a relationship and make it last longer. (Goes for both men and women)

Here are the 10 keys to have a healthy , happy and long-lasting relationship.

1. Be with someone who understands you loves you and can be with you till the end. You shouldn't bring some toxic person with you(Not a key to be happy). 

2. Make it slow and give it time. Don't rush on things. Rushing makes things fast and toxic and since our childhood we've heard something, "Slow and Steady wins the race." 

3. Plan romantic surprises for your partner when you see he/she is stressed. He/She must be going through a lot at many times and you doing something for them might not lower the problems but can make them feel less stressed.

4. Put in efforts. This is a very important point in a relationship. EFFORTS. In a long term relationship you do need to put in a lot of efforts or else the relationship becomes boring and after someday loses it's spark.

5. Give them their personal space. Jealousy and possessing is good but people overdo it . And your bae can feel to tight in such a situation and the relationship might become toxic. So allow them their personal space

6. Express your love as much as you can. The person might need it. Because sometimes it might happen they are down but they don't wanna tell you. Express love. They might forget what kept them down.

7. Compliment them. Who doesn't like a compliment. So always compliment them on the little things. 

8. The little things. The little things is what the whole relationship is about. There will be little things making them happy and little things which they will do for you to be happy. Never ignore them.

9. Avoid arguments on little things. When you are messed up take a deep breath or hug your partner instead of shouting at them. Cool it out.

10. The most IMPORTANT key are the three F's.        Forgive, Forget and Feel. Forgive their mistakes. Sometime they might do something by mistake forgive them it's ok to forgive. Forget their mistakes to forgive their mistakes you need to forget them first. Make thousands of new memories so that the bad one gets lost. Feel your mistakes and apologize.

Here are the 10 keys to a healthy happy relationship. Comment down your reviews. And Love Love.

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