How to balance our life?

There was a time when people were taught about the virtues of being polite. And the best example was that the tree which is full of fruits will bend towards the ground. Here the fruits were symbol of good virtues man posses. But the question looms large in my mind just how many of us care to remember what was taught to us about good behavior in our childhood!

Have you noticed how man has started to feel that he is the only one that is responsible for running this entire world or his company will fail if he will be out of it? Maybe you are an important person for your company but trust me nothing will stop even if you will not be there

We have seen people checking their phone every few minutes but why are you so worried about all the updates or feel bad when others give importance to others? Why do you feel in secured if people talk about others’ success stories or feel irritated when they talk positively about others’ achievements? 

The situation comes when we spend all our time thinking about our life and forget all about living our life in a delightful manner. That’s nothing but giving a little extra respect to ourselves which invariably results in feeling of uncomfortable situation in the end. 

Let me ask a simple question at this point, have you ever tried spending a few moments sitting in a park, or at a river bank. Or maybe if you live near the sea shore have you ever spent some time on the beach away from the crowd doing nothing but just keeping your eyes closed with nothing in your mind? I suggest you go through this experience for once and see the difference.          

And the other point that tells us what we should do to balance ourselves for setting our own rules. That is kind of self-balancing that provides us certain important guidelines about hard-work, cleanliness, self-satisfaction and self analysis etc.  I will try my best to achieve my target for the day.

Logical and Illogical

Some of us in trying to prove our point of view logical find ways that have no logics. Now, what is logic and who invents them? Logic is something that shows your understanding something with valid reasons and effect and you can say science and Math are some of the examples which show your logic. As we know for sure that Science and Math provide proven facts and solutions of all the problems they deal with although there are chances that further studies may change the facts but you can only consider it as my logic into the matter.  

But if we talk about illogicalities, that is nothing but to assert to be untrue or by saying the things in opposition of what the facts are. Illogical in itself contradicts the facts or beliefs which have already established firmly. However, logic and illogical is a matter of great discussion which is going on ever since the very existence of this world and also considered a great weapon of self defense. However it's better to monitor all the points in question very carefully instead of speaking casually about anything without any reasoning. There is no alternate of reaching to a decision unless you agree to logic.

It’s also a proven fact that even during our normal discussions we experience logic is always being contradicted with falls facts. The discussion is way of understanding points of different persons but it loses it meaning if illogical views take over the reasoning and the situation turns out to be a tensed battle of words. As they say, it’s hard to cope with opposite views and especially so when there is no logic in the views as they find a new definition for illogical views to prove their point. Unless we have the power of molding our views and accept the truth which needs lot of courage and self confidence, the chances of reaching to a right decision are remote.  

I wish I could help everyone

We all want to do better in our life but that should not be our only aim. You might laugh hearing me but I wish when I leave this world it’s a better society. And a better society for me is the one where people love each other. I always wanted to help everyone in my circle because that was my limit. I wish I could help everyone. But is that as simple as it sounds?

I am not ashamed to say we are running a blind race where each of us wants to beat everyone else. Perhaps they call it rat race where everyone is in a hurry to bypass someone in front of himself. Gone are the days when people wanted to help others at the risk of losing their own battle.

Did you read the story of great Sailor Lawrence Lemieux from Canada who stopped to help his competitor who was in danger of drowning midway during his Olympic race at 1988 Olympic boat race? He could have won the race easily but he did not proceed unless he saved the crew of boat in danger. He did not win the race but he won the heart of everyone.

The day we learn the art of living for others, we shall change the world. Our own life will be far better compared to our own expectations. I can only say that goodness is part of all of us and if you practice it in your real life helping others, keeping them happy, being grateful if someone else helps you during your difficult times, you will see marked changes in yourself.

How you behave with others during their difficult moments is what shows your real self, your character. You know it's not easy to think the right solutions during troublesome times. But if you can help someone during his difficult times you will feel proud of your own self.   

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