Evil Love – Not so evil though 

Love is some thing special, described as many -spledoured like thing by love gurus and saints. You know it’s a pain in our heart, which makes us fall (never rise) in this process but we always love it. Love is still a celebration of life despite it gives lot of pain. We always try to have a quaint capricious look at this evil thing but that is reserved for adultery hours only (no pun intended) 

You know what! Whenever two strangers meet and spend some time together in loneliness especially during night people think they have been doing what you thought they have been doing although they might not be involved in doing that. You sure have a dirty mind and need to upgrade it to a better level (read cleaner).  Oh yeah – did I tell you I met one of my old friends day before yesterday and we spent some time together, in fact 14 hours starting from 9 Pm to 11 Am yesterday. But we did nothing that would come in ‘that’ list but we spent some time roaming in lanes having memories of old golden moments and yes, we slept for few hours in a same room but not on same bed.

Old love – New flame

By the way have you ever seen a girl putting her killing effects on a sober, staid and somewhat repressed guy because unless you know that you would not know girlish exuberance is not that easy to resist. Although the ‘girl’ here was not as girlish but almost fifty plus, little bit on heavier side weighing almost 55 for her 5’5 but having probably the most beautiful face I have ever seen in my whole life. And to top it all, it becomes a little more difficult if you happen to be a romantic type like me. It was really - hard to resist when she touched me for a few times over during our long meeting although it seemed as if finished in a jiffy. And yes, we found enough time to have a casual dinner also, which reminded us of olden days.

The girl (for me she will always remain a girl) is from South India who works here in Sydney, still unmarried who has migrated from The United States after working there for almost 25 years or a little lesser as media professional despite her top class degrees in marketing and engineering. She is still as bubbly and having inbuilt zest for life as I saw her during college days although little shaky at times, I know some thing eats everyone up when he or she misses someone that badly. She must be feeling unnecessarily wary or depressed, although she never showed it that she was a way bit trapped in self-deception all the while when with me during those fourteen hours.   

We did not show it despite having feelings

the girlAlthough she was in her highs and lows during our meeting and showed signs, only faint resemblance of signs of being emotionally awash but nothing more than that.  I know she had lost her father and having no brother being only child of her parents she longed to be in company of a man since her younger days but she never was a repressed type or showed any weaknesses during her three years with me in business school. But I knew it well that she missed her father, which showed in her behavior sometimes and quite visible to her close friends. We also did a short stint of three months during our first job before she left for The US, almost unnoticed and I never though we shall ever meet again but we did. Whenever she came to India, she never forgot to give me a ring or dropped down to my Delhi residence as long as I was in capital city. But things changed later and our meeting became scarce as the time passed. 

We had met once before in Sydney

We met once before in Sydney during my last visit to Sydney for 20 minutes when I requested her to pick me and drop me at the guesthouse I was supposed to stay during my one-day stay in Sydney. She not only picked me but also dropped me back at airport next day.  She never showed any signs during those 40-50 minutes we spent together, a perfect and immensely fetching, free from any humbug that totally impressed me, rather absolutely flattened me. I was expecting her to be sobbing or complaining but nothing like that, no signs of emotions. Oh dear she knows how to hide emotions, she did it perfectly well. 

She looked confident not cocky or shaky and no signs of old flames at all, but at the same time I was bit shaky to be honest. I looked away many times to hide my feelings. I won’t say we were not remembering the old days; at least I was in flashback for couple of minutes during our drive back to airport. I thought in a flash if only love could be frozen and captured in its most majestic manifestations but that probably would destroy the very basics of love. I am not sure though if I could remain normal if we ever met again. There are chances that we shall meet again soon as it is going to be a long stay this time around. I am a little bit afraid and almost at the brink of loosing control.

Love or infatuation

It sounds like a romantic situation in the first pace but is it so? No, I don’t believe it is, although narrations would make you feel like that. The aftermath of the story makes me wonder if the secrets of the story are out, and it is difficult to keep the secrets away from family. It may feel good in the beginning and look cute, fresh, and frothy but the results are always rotten. It’s better to keep such love-stories to locked doors deep down in your hear to never to let surface to ground reality. One must be thankful and satisfied with what he has in his life and leave such love affairs behind if one has to live his life peacefully.

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