Life presents lessons to the sincere seeker, but the fact is that many overlook these priceless warnings & values, because they're too busy, or just plain stupid!! I don't claim to have accumulated a lot of wisdom in all my existence so far( I'm only 33 years of age!!), but whatever I have, I am presenting it in this article....This article is part prose & part poetry...


"The water that breaks through rocks,

& forwards meanders for epochs.

Does so only with perseverance

& so your efforts should never end...

Persist, persist, persist, I say,

Through heat,cold, night & day.

Sometimes you may not make,

Progress but you should remain,

Working with patience & perseverance

Cos nothing else can bestow deservance.."


Wisdom is something we should keep accumulating, & keep reviewing. I believe the best way to strengthen our wisdom, is to use it practically. Wisdom from eclectic sources, is the best kind of wisdom, because it can be used in various ways. As far as I'm concerned the best sources of wisdom are books. Whether you want to enlighten yourself about Theology, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology or any other field, the best source would be books. Though the internet is being accepted as a hands on tool for clearing doubts, I don't think all the information it gives out is 'authentic'!!. Wisdom is a thing that's in constant flux, our realities keep changing. Gravity was replaced by Relativity, which was replaced by The String theory, & God only knows what will replace The String theory( maybe 'The G String theory'...Lol..). In all fields of human endeavor, knowledge is growing, & there is so much that we are yet to completely understand...

The Satanic Keralite Society

I've lived in this society only for the last 17 years, & honestly speaking, it's the most satanic society on the planet. In this society, the definition of 'Rights' is 'Whatever crimes can be committed without getting caught'. Trust me every single person exercises their 'Rights'!!. The worst thing about this society, is that though they know they are depraved, they try to portray the image of the best society on the planet. The literacy rate is pretty high in this society(the highest in all of India), but this literacy is used in the worst way possible. Even young students know that-'if you assault a person at night, you have a better chance of getting away without getting charged for it'!! As far as the rights of mental patients go, the situation is even worse. There is an old colloquial adage that goes-'It is great fun to watch someone else's mother go insane'!! One of the best indicators of how good or bad a society is, is how it treats it's children. There was an article(in a leading newspaper) which stated that the maximum cases of child abuse in India is from Kerala, & nearly 70% of these cases are based on incest. What about women?? There was an article(in a leading newspaper), which stated that women in Kerala are not safe even in their homes...Check out these links..


"Oh! Justice thou art the best virtue

But hard it is to deliver you!!

For the guilty know how to get away,

The innocent& ignorant often pay,

For crimes that they didn't commit,

As the legal system kinda omits,

The rules they have to abide by,

In delivering their duty day & night!!

For the few who try to fight for you,

The path is long & pretty skewed..."


I'm alright with forgiving my enemies, but I'll never forget their names(I think it's John F. Kennedy who once expressed this idea for the first time!!). Forgiving the hurt caused to you, by people, helps make life easier. Wallowing in the pain makes a waste of time, that can be put to good use. The problem if you forget the people who wronged you, is that they will most likely wrong you again. You must make it a point to avoid giving people who wronged you, to have another shot at doing so. Forgiveness is a gift for the mind & body, as it gives you a better view of life & also reduces stress & it's deleterious effects on the body...


"Success is both a deceptive friend & enemy as well.

For how you handle it & proceed will definitely tell,

Whether you can advance on the path of your dreams.

Or lose yourself in the feeling of complacence, it seems,

You've drawn failure by pretending success is yours forever!

Remember success and failure are bound together

One carries the other within & pretty soon you'll realise they're imposters.."

True love

"True love I hope to find you one day.

It's hard to find you, donno where you stay!

Are you in the eyes of a girl who longs for me?

Or in the eyes of friends & relatives who cherish me?

I believe only God knows how to love unconditionally

Everything else is a game played by the mind temporarily..."

Hope you enjoyed reading this article...I hope to write the next part of this article soon enough....


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