India is moving ahead at a fast rate

India is constantly on its way to success but we have yet to cross many hurdles. We are doing a good job in many fields including education sector. Our institutes in different sectors in technical, medical and information technology are producing some of the best doctors and engineers proving their worth in global job market. 

However things were not the same until early 1980. Indian education was all about old curriculum set for producing office clerks. Our institutes were not enough to accommodate all the students seeking admission in different technical courses. But situation took a new turn with introduction of private sector in education changed the whole scenario for this country with introduction of computers and smart classrooms. 

The National Policy on Education introduced by Rajiv Gandhi government in 1986 with new concept in different fields gave a new dimension to education sector. The new education policy had special plans and emphasized on including women, tribal section and schedule castes for uplifting and improving their position in the society. 

Most of these targets were achieved but we lacked one point, to make the education a fundamental right of every child but that too was achieved by the year 2010 which provided free basic education to every child of India. India is marching fast towards the aim of becoming a major world power and to achieve that we need to take our educational system to greater heights. 

Our experts feel we have lots of opportunities waiting for us in the fields of science, technology, research and industrial sector and yet to do lots of efforts especially in the field of infrastructure, our ways how we handle internal issues and of course our bureaucracy. Possibly the next few decades belong to Indian success story in the fields of biotechnology, robotics, 3D printing, computing and space research but we shall have to better than what we are already doing. 


India produces enough Fruits and Vegetables 

India with over 1.3 billion people and the second most populous country in the world has 29 states and 7 union territories. All states are unique in their life style and agricultural produce according to climate of their particular geographical conditions. However, most of our country lives in rural areas and depends on agriculture sector. 

However, we are no more as backward in several sectors including agriculture as we used to be until a couple of decades back. We are progressing at a rapid rate in almost all fields including agriculture, education and employment.

India produces most fruits and vegetables after China followed by Brazil, America and Italy in that order.  According to data available for the year 2012-13, China produced 137 million tons of fruits where as India produced close to 82 million tons. America with 38 million tons, Brazil 26 million and Italy with 14 million tons were other major fruit producers. In vegetable section also China was on top with 57 tons followed by India again on second with 16.2, America 3.6 million tons and Turkey at 4th spot with 2.8 million tons.

India suffered a setback due to bad monsoon in 2014-15 but still managed a bumper production of 280 million tons of fruits, vegetables and spices and a little over 252 million tones of grains. The production of these two groups of produces was in 2013-14 was 27.7 and 26.5 million tons.

India has a vast desert area, almost 1/3 of its total land and that leaves us with only 95 million hectare land for agricultural use but we are trying our best for increasing it at a rapid rate despite increased needs of habitation and industrializing but we still managed to achieve growth in production of grains, fruits and vegetables. 

Our efforts in this respect can be seen in the fact that we used 65 million hectare of land in 2010-11 but increased the area by more than 50% within 5 years. If we are doing far better in industrial sector at the same time we are trying our best to increase production of wheat, rice, spices, pulses, flowers etc in different states adapting to scientific methods according to atmospheric conditions. 

India is ready to move ahead

India is ready to lead the way to progress on the world-map and become one of the fastest in the list of growing nations. We have reasons to believe that India will contribute almost same as China and double that of America’s contribution in the world economy. There are certain other reasons like our natural resources, availability of funds and use of carbon which add to our theory of a fast growth in next decade. 

There are few obvious signs which indicate that the world will follow Indian model of development in near future. The Indian products are going to overtake imported products used by local population and also be exported to other developing and under developed countries. The best scale for judging a country’s is its purchasing power and if you judge it by statistics India is among the top three world leaders on the basis of production. 

According to the World Bank statistics the current leaders China with $18 trillion is on top followed by America $17.4 trillion at second place and India with $7.4 trillion is on third spot but if we calculate at the present rate of progress China with its 5% growth rate will add 11.3 trillion, India 8% will add 8.6 trillion and America with current rate is expected to add $4.9 trillion with its 2.5% growth rate to the World’ GDP.

The return on capital in India is greater than most other world economical powers. India has lesser bank interest rates compared to other coming up countries in the list of fastest growing economical powers. If we go by the reports of various global economical institutes our financial loan is only 135% compared to GDP against 282% China, 269% America, 160% Brazil, 154% South Africa and 88% Russia. 

The combined efforts by government and number of younger people are doing their best to provide better products to Indian people and increasing exports. Indian open market policy is adding to the efforts of India shining project at a rapid rate which is going to take India on top as world’s super power in economical field soon.   

Image source – My own camera work 

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