Hi friends in this article let us discus about the comeback man who managed to take 6 wickets and also ensured India’s 100 th test win. He simply followed a proverb ‘Forget the past and just concentrate on the future”. This proverb really applies to him and now he is ready to contribute his best for the benefit of the country.

There is a great amount of zeal in him now, but he must take sure that, this zeal never turns into zealot, because when he gets over excited, really problems follows him and I am sure he is more concentrated on his game now, rather than showing his anger.

This is indeed a new avatar for him, and with his incredible talent he must make the best use of it. It is a great pride for him to be the man responsible for the India’s 100th win and also winning the man of the match award in his come back and India’s historic game. Recently in an interview he said that he will control his emotions and instead of showing some funny acts, he will be very aggressive in his bowling and also make sure that the team wins.

In fact he was selected instead of Ishant Sharma, and there are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is Ishant not in good form and the most important one is the swing which he produced better than that of Ishant, while practicing in the nets and that has earned him a place in the team.

As a matter of fact, he did extremely well in the match, better than that of the practice session, and we would have seen his swing and also the reverse swing which he produced with the help of the old ball. Truly amazing and hope he does the same in forthcoming matches also.

He is also bowling at a good speed, but not very fast. He managed to hit the 137 Km/hr mark regularly and he has assured that he will bowl at 140 to 145 km/hr in Mumbai. With Zaheer not at his best form, the emergence of Sreesanth Is really a boost for Indian team and this will also encourage Zaheer as he has got his partner bowling very aggressively and that too in a consistent line. There are lots of good things that we must take from this and most importantly, from the individual point of view, Sreesanth is all set to become the number 1 right hand bowler for India.

Some may feel, it is too early to say that Sreesanth is at present the best right arm fast bowler, but I assure you that if he controls his emotions, then he is all set to be the best bowler. India really needs a fast bowler with aggressive nature and with his comeback form Sreesanth can do it. The last time he played a test match was at the same venue and it was 19 months back, in April 2008. He also said that Kanpur is very special and it is really nice to continue from the place where he stopped.

In these 19 months really worked hard and the last 7 months was the best time for him where he could managed to know in detail about bowling, thanks to Allan Donald and also his English County club. But the real credit must go to the team selector, who had faith in him and gave him a chance to play for the nation again. He never expected that he will play again for India.

He also said that Harbhajan is like his elder brother, because after the incident in IPL 1, where Bhaji slapped Sreesanth, everybody though there is a faceoff between them, but these statements form Sreesanth proved many of our views wrong and he also proved that they will be together and play for the nation and will forget the past.

He was a little bit frustrated when he was trying for his fifth wicket, which he tried for a long time, but he got relieved when he took the wicket of Rangan Herath, who was his fifth victim of the match.Recently he also visited his home town Kerala and prayed almighty or his excellent performance and also said that as soon as India wins the series, he will return again and will thank god for the opportunity that he got for playing for the Nation.

So let us hope that Sreesanth bowls well and more importantly the team also wins.

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