Referee of course isn't fit enough!

1.rooney wasnt offside
2.valencia was brought down in the box
3.its was not a free kick,fletcher had got the ball
4.oshea cross was obstructed by lampard's hand

Was pretty even for me with both sides playing decent football but cancelling each other out even with different formations! Their defence was able to control our attack and vice-versa. Our midfield was marginally better but the finishing left lots to be desired. When you have just one up front, the others who float into the hole behind the striker need to have their shooting boots on. I felt it was our reluctance to shoot that let us down cause there were atleast a couple of incidents in the box where we tried to find that killer pass instead of shooting and making Cech work. Giggsy for once looked his age and was passed a couple of times on the flanks. Valencia kept Cole on his toes all night and completely made them lose width on the left flank. Obertan looks smooth whatever little I have seen of him play. Carrick looks better then he has at the beginning of the season and that is promising as I feel he is the person who has to come to the party if we are to go a long way. Kudos to the young center back pairing. They were brilliant. All in was a good game to watch...would have been great to take away a point though. The team has character. I think it is a matter of keeping in touch till December end. I feel the African Cup of nations will have a huge influence on the way the league shapes up.

what is dissapointing is tht we actually played well after a long time.
i bet that referee and linesman is on drugs.
1.terry pulling down valencia with his shirt was a penalty
2.tht wasn't a free kick feltcher had won the ball
3.Drogba was clearly influencing play and thus was definitely offside
what the hell is going on??and then when Sir Alex complains they r out for his blood!!

united deserve all the praise for a lion hearted performance.......
the positives first:
1.we killed the so called diamond formation...
2.united dominated thoughout...but failed to capitalise on the chances(rooney wrongly given offside,rooney not passing to anderson,giggs had a clear chance to have a shot on goal,lampard handling the ball outside penalty area...many others.....)
3.obertan is a guy to look out for...has great composure on the ball.
4.all the cheshits (@SS#oles at heart acted like saints)ivanovic fouled on fletcher and dramaticallt went down.....john terry elbowed valencia an laid down as if he was gunned down.
5.evans n brown looked comfortable. shud never have been a goal...(wrongly awarded free kick ....n foul on brown by drogba)
the negatives:
1.united lack the cutting edge in d 3rd quarter.
2.for the first time in d season giggs looked wasteful.
3.passing looked poor in the goal area.
4.rooney needs support
5.we should be buying a quality striker(villa,suarez,aguero) and a possession midfielder(silva,di maria,ozil)......
go united go

I really thought young evans broke the ribcage of that dog-bra with his kick but he recovered very quickly  ..
Anyways great performance from our team. F*** that refree and linesmen. Obertan is something special. Give him more games and i am sure he will become a wing wizard. And man these Chelsea players are so fake damn it !!


referee was blinded and so was the linesmen by the barking blue toothbrushesso the blue dogs got lucky on the day,we played very well,maintained possessionjust that giggs wasnt 100 %,rooney didnt get any supportin the minfield ,we outplayed chelsea,their diamond was nowhereboth the defences performed wellevans and brown sealed the mouth of all,great focus and determinationand remember,we were away at stamford bridgeit hurtsbcoz the team who played better lost ,but it happensoberten should get his first stars now,owen needs more game time to show his skillsvalencia has the potential but dont know when it will showour team formation was perfect,it was just that we were not getting the killer instinct,something was missing,sir alex sure will find it out and rectifywe lived up to the pressure and performedstill we deserved the point got to say i was so proud of the lads to hel with al the experts sayin 3-0 4-0 without vidic.wat we showed yestreday was we have the heart to fight no matter was truly a inspiring performance we were the better team through out.fletcher nd rooney two stand out performance.fletcher was outstandin as usual nd i have got bored of sayin it.i never thought i would say some thing like this abt some one in two yrs time wen he improves on the attackin sense we have got a replacement for keano.this is abt the highest compliment u could give to any on to rooney my man this man just amazes me with every match wat a performance yest.playin a lone man against the entire chelsea defence he was just of drogba anelka vs evans nd brown but we dominated them rooney he single handedly dominated the entire chelsea defence was just was my dream to see him wear the captains armband.nd yest has given me more confidence than ever we can retain the title.nd finally a word on valencia he was brilliant yest.believe we wil get our 19th title this year

United were really good against Chelsea.Fletch and Ando kept their Diamond in check..
Evans and Brown were awesome...Evans kept Drogba in his pockets and btw that Ninja kick was superb...The c*nt deserves it...The sight of Vida laughing from sidelines at super actor Dog-bra was hilarious..The freekick that led to the goal was also a mistake on the ref's part...Fletch had won the ball cleanly IMO..He was I wish roo's curler would have ended in the bck of the net...A good platform to start a winning run
Glory Glory it was disappointing to see united a match where we we cud''nt even manage a piont from it.......

all those matches we won....count for nothing if we lose the title.........just hope SAF does wat he does best.....turnaround the season.........

rooney's decision making in the first half was pathetic..........wen he shud hav passed the ball to ando.....he made a run.......n wen he had the ball.....n terry at his disposal.....he decided to pass it......y...???????????

the cutting edge in his game is definitely missing......cant remember the last tym.....d world's best striker took on the defenders....n...scored...........

wish he finds it back...soon.....Jonathan Evans is by far the next big thing in our united line up..Wat a player..He dint get intimidated at all by the Anelka-Drogba combination..Both the defenders had them in their pockets except one or two moments when they looked stretched..but aerially both brown and evans were top notch...Ferdinand will have to fight his way back into the team...

Drogba was quiet almost all the game, but really unlucky to 've conceded a scrappy goal in the end :( Referees union must surely think twice before dismissing Sir Alex's claim that the refereeing is at its worst! Well, how many wrong decisions to face? We deserved a point at least in my opinion( Of course had we taken our chances in 1st half we probably could've come up with all 3 points!) and it was all ref's decisions to blame..

To us,Chelsea are still a small team from London who were lucky enough to have somebody help them buy their way to becoming a good team.

Before we go over the argument about United spending lots of money...All the money United have ever spent on players has ultimately come from their fans,not some Russian Billionaire.

Just admit you were very lucky yesterday and had a lot of help from a very poor ref. United had more shots on goal,the corner count was 7-0 to United and the fact that even with 5 or 6 players missing,United were by far the better team and totally outclassed Chelsea,suggests that Fergie won the tactical battle.

Everyone knows United are at their best after Christmas,so I think Chelsea and Arsenal will need much more than a 5 point lead over us if they're going to be confident of finishing above us.

My only hopes before the game were that United did themselves justice and the officials didn't have a big effect on the game.
After the game for the united reserves,ando has not looked back..The guy has so much energy and passion and it showed even in the last few minutes when he pushed carvalho away for time wasting..Also it is easy to boss the chelsea midfield and he was practically shoving essien out of the game..Spectacular show..

Well United certainly did themselves justice,they were by far the better team and deserved to win but my goodness did the officials have a nightmare.
We were brilliant @ the bridge.We dominated the game but failed to show goals for it.
Anderson was not in the game until he came back to his central position which he plays.
It was like he was in the team just to stand near Essien.Essien was the best player in Chelsea's line-up.Had he not been there, we would have won by a greater margin.

People questioning the pairing of a 21-year old defender and an injury-stricken defender surely got their answer yesterday.Leaving Rio and Vidic pairing , we now have a Brown and Evans partnership.Midfield was rocking the diamond.

Bad referee decisions let the game slip.Fletcher had won the ball clearly plus Dog-ba pulled down Brown by tucking his shirt. To add to that, mid 2nd half, Lampard got his hand to the cross into the box from Valencia (or O'Shea, not sure). It was just outside the box, United should have been given a FK.

And yeah, the goal, with the Fletcher foul, Brown being fouled, Drogba offside - too much of a controversy.
We played really well. Okay, just werent lucky as Chelsea, but I'm sure a hurt United and a hurt Sir Alex is not what the opponents want right now. I see us returning back to our top form after a performance like this, and the fact that Chelsea were just HANDED the 3 points by the referee, makes me more confident United will be more fierce, more deadly than ever before this season !!

Rooney was wrongly given offside when one-on-one with the 'keeper. Terry brought down Valencia in the box and I'm sure a penalty would've been given if it had happened at the other end and I know this is a minor thing but when Terry was on the floor with a very slight leg injury after clashing with a team mate,the referee let Chelsea have two attacks but as soon as United got the ball and were looking to break,he stopped play so Terry could get treatment he didn't need.

As for the goal,well it was never a free kick,Fletcher won the ball and Drogba may have been offside and he may have fouled a defender.

There were also a few incidents where the ref didn't give United clear free kicks and his decision to blow for full time about a minute before he should've done just took the biscuit.

I'm not too upset because I've just seen my team totally outplay supposedly the best team in the league in their own ground but I am very annoyed that we were on the receiving end of one of the worst refereeing displays I've seen in my life.

"12th man"

right from the spot

i have been following united for more than ten years and yesterday evening i was in london and i must tell you that chelsea fans's were telling me that this time they will put more than 3 pass united and i was also lil edgitated when i saw lots of players missing but at the end of the match i can feel very proud of united's performance,they really played well enough to get at least a point from the game if not three...
here lots of pundits were saying that united will lose the game in midfield but i must say fletecher ,carrick and even anderson had a fantastic game and they never let ballack essien and lampard settle .and in the 13th minute of the game when rooney got through he was wrongly given offside by the same linesman replay showed ashley cole was playin hin on side.
and what a great shame to have such an ordinary refree for this wasnt a free kick in the first place and when drogba pulled brown down it should not have been allowed at all ....refree was in such a poor position when the free kick is taken .

and the most diappointing of all when i read terry sayin ."‘It’s exactly what we wanted, to be five points clear. It wasn’t the best of games but we deserved it.’

the player of his standered should admit that they got very lucky and its way beyond what they deserved and i remember commentators last line when he said "united very unlukcy in so many ways".

i totally agree to rooney when in the end he said in the camera "12th man"

If Martin Atkinson isn't demoted to League 1 for a few games after that disgrace,then something is seriously wrong with our game.
THE PREMIER LEAGUE TROPHY WILL END UP AT OLD TRAFFORD BECAUSE IT IS A LEAGUE AND NOT A KNOCK OUT.we must not drop points against mid table and lower sides


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