The popularity of online games is soaring high, high enough to tame anyone and so is referred to as addictive. Children start playing these games just as a part time venture but gradually, these become a habit. It's just a matter of time when the young lads become slaves to these games, a harmful addiction.

Here is a story about a guy who nearly ruined his life going crazy about these games. It was a surprise test and all the students of class eight were busy writing a test. All of a sudden, Abbas complained of stomach ache and wanted to leave. He rushed out of the school gate. By the time he reached the Internet cafe, he frequented, he had forgotten about exams and classes. Finding a vacant computer he clicked on the "Ragnarok Icon" and in a few keystrokes began his journey into a fictional empire. Knowing he would lose track of time, he checked his wallet for cash. His father had given him Rs.430 to buy a computer text book. With this amount he would be able to play for more than ten hours.

In classes he started having trouble concentrating. He tried to focus but couldn't stop thinking about warriors in battle. These captivating games had lured and held him in a powerful grip. The warring warriors beckoned Abbas. He played "Ragnarok" almost every day.

In Abbas's case, his mind had created an association between the pleasant feeling of winning and Ragnarok's graphics. When he wasn't playing online, he experienced negative feelings such as stress of unexpected class test and so on. He started feeling uneasy and sick if he didn't play. As a result, he started bunking school and resorted to various method to get money, he started, borrowing from friends and when that didn't suffice he started stealing. When he failed in the examination his parents and teachers were all shocked because he had a brilliant academic record.

It was only years, when his new friend (made at the play - station) collapsed and died after playing online games for 50 hours, that day he came to his sense. He then realized he was no longer living his own life. He had fallen behind in his studies and had spent a huge amount playing online games. Abbas realized he was treading a wrong and dangerous path. Hence, he decided to give up.

Today, computer games are growing among children at a fast rate. They spend more time in playing games which is no helpful for them. What is more important is the study. But they do not understand. One can only get satisfaction and entertainment from playing computer games but it could not give a bright future to the children. If you ask a question from a boy relating to the books or subjects, he may not give the answer to your question. But if you ask them any question relating to the computer games, he will give the answer in no time.

With the online game market booming and when in Asia alone it is expected to grow to $3.6 billion by 2013, will the future be lightening and successful? Is the youth in yet another danger? These momentous questions need to be pondered over urgently.

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