Android and IOS phones has gain lots of popularity because of different kind of games and apps. Both of them having millions of games on their own stores and they are getting millions of downloads too. Users like different kind of games on their phone, some like action and some like adventure games. There is also a big group of people who love to play online games with other users from all over the world. Well, online gaming is having its own popularity and demand and some of those games have really big group of active users from whole world. So playing with them is like having lots of fun in compare of playing any game alone. Even I like to play such online games and so far I have experienced many of them. So I would love to introduce few of them with you here.

Few best online games for your smart phone

Home Run Battle 2: This is my personal favorite for now. If you are interested in sports then you will love this game for sure. This is pure fun game for base ball lovers which offer cool 3D graphics with amazing game play experience. Once you will start playing you will get used to of it soon enough. You can play, win and get more gold balls which will help you to upgrade your players, powers and other tools like baseball, cloths and many more. So this thing make this game even more additive as you would surely love to be best and get best ranking from all over the world. You can also play single player which offers different mode of playing like arcade and time play which will also offers you gold balls (which will help you to upgrading). And in multiplayer mode also you have different game playing mode like duel, survival and mission. Each of them have different game play like in dual mode you have to beat other player by hitting more home runs, while in survival mode you have to survive more by hitting more and more home runs against another player till he lose by miss hits and in mission mode you can play it with one to three other players together in which you have to pass different given mission mode. I am really surprise with this game as it is having so many active players around the world that you can on this game anytime and you will get the rival on the spot. So in short this is very additive online game, if you want to try out some online game then this is worth for a shot.


Zynga Poker: This is another additive online game among many people. If you are fond of playing card games and you love betting during them then this game is for you. This is the best Poker game I have played so far. Concept is same as other online games, more you win more you will earn and get more chips. More chips mean you having more rank and like that. As per this game they are having more than 6 million daily online players. So for any online gamer this numbers are attractive. Another good thing is that you can directly login with your facebook id so that you can see which of your friends are online on that game and play with them directly which will make your online game play even more interesting. You can also directly update your achievement of the game on your facebook id for the show off of course. So this is also one of the additive game and quite interesting for those who love playing card games specially poker. If you are one of them then you can surely go for it.

8 ball pool: This is another sports related game. This game is from famous game making company miniclip. Just like above two games this game is also having many active users and good thing is that just like Zynga Poker in this game also you can login with your facebook id which is surely a benefit thing for an online gaming. With facebook id you can challenge any of your friends individually and can play pool game with him/her. You can also play randomly with any online player available active on that time. In this game more you will win more you will get rank and money. More rank means you will able to unlock few special modes using which you can bet more on game. And more money means you can purchase few special things like better stick and better board. So these two things can make this game additive for you. There are few daily bonuses which you will get for completing some certain decided task which will give you more earning. Pool is famous game in all over the world, so no doubt this game is having huge fan following. So if you like to play pool games too that also with your online friends then this game is the best choice. You will get very smooth game play experience with great graphics.

Order and Chaos Online: This game is from famous game company Gameloft. And if you know games from them, you should know that they offer games with simply amazing graphics especially 3D graphics game. Order and Chaos online is also one of their 3D games but this one is online game. In this game you can team up with your friends online and have experience of great 3D graphics with different quests kind of level. Beat the enemy together have experience like being hero team together. I like the graphics of this game but this one is having few disadvantages in compare of other games I mentioned above. First thing is that this game is not free; you have to purchase it from the store. Second thing is that this game is quite huge in size, almost around 1.5GB. That size is quite big for an online game. So many people can avoid this game because of these two reasons as they don’t fit well in online gaming. But if you are okay with above two conditions then this can be best online game for you without any doubt. I don’t know about it more, but as far as I know Gameloft has also launched more versions of this game. I haven’t played them so don’t know more information about it. In short if you love 3D RPG kind of games and if you are a online gamer then this game is perfect choice for you of course if you are okay for purchasing it.

Subway Surfer: Honestly this is not the game can be put in online gaming list because whole game playing mode is at offline. But still somehow it gives feel of online gaming at some level. I apologize if someone is not agreeing on it with me, but personally I feel like this. This game have facebook mode option using which you can update your score on facebook. So it gives feel like online gaming where you would love to beat your friends score somehow. That’s what I have seen among my group friends on the facebook. Each of them just want to beat score of another one and surely it feels like online gaming even this game is not online. In short this is never ending running game where your character will keep running and facing different obstacles. More you will run more score you will get. You have to complete different given missions to increase your ranking. So more rank you have more score you will get during playing. No need to tell that this game is having great 3D graphics and this game is already lot famous in all over the world.

So this is it. This is my top 5 list for best online gaming in Android and IOS both. I have explained about them with all my personal experience and I have chosen them as best as per my experience and choice. If you are an online gaming player and looking for few good games then you should try out above games, you will never regret on them. All are quite additive games and popular in all over the world. So no doubt you will get more active users for playing. Plus in some of games you can directly play with your facebook friends which make them even more interesting and fun. No need to say that for all of the games you need internet to play, and some of them can be played offline mode too but there will be many limitations.

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