Women's Cricket is always on the "off"side. While Cricket is considered to be a men's game, probably it has sidelined eyeing the women's game forever, no matter what performance is given by them. For instance, the present Indian men's team is not performing well, even then the BCCI is not catering it's huge and abundant resources of wealth to promote the women's team. This is one area of talent suppression in India.

While some stay always in riches and becomes famous in short period just because of the gender, the other gender has always struggled to come up with the same amount of sheer hardwork and dedication. Is it just that women should not play Cricket or is it that they should struggle much more than men to get into comfortable position in life...?


Sports has today got centre stage in India for Men's Cricket. As far as International tournaments are considered, we eye medals in Boxing, Weightlifting, Shooting, Wrestling, table tennis, & badminton. Though it is a good count of diverse sports, it is time we focus on swimming, judo and other arena's of Sporting.

Atleast encouragement, promotions and good amenities are to be provided in the proficient categories of Indians,to strengthen our core competence areas & also to build multitudes of talent  in short span of time.

P.T Usha & Milka Singh have become the lone shine for India, and subsequent to which that area of medals were not expected due to lack of facilities, encouragement by Government and poor concentration towards all strings of events.

Events other than Cricket has always suffered a lot of non-encouragement and sorely lacked motivation & inspiration. 

If India has to rack up some good amount of medals tally in any asian or international outing, it must bring international standards and good ambience conducive enough to the players and their needs.

Hope with the namo into action, our 1.27 billion people nation will punch its way to higher and relatively good and appropriate position 

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