Among all exciting sports, Ice climbing is generally popular. Ice climbing is also dangerous to execute. You have to cover the vertical cliff covered with Ice with axes and a pair of crampons. During your climbing, you have to experience the unbeatable cold.  Many people do not show dare to perform Ice climbing, but there are thousand of people around the world who get their kicks from it.

By keeping adventurous people in mind, I prepare a list of the most exciting destination to prefer for Ice climbing. 

1. New Hampshire


New Hampshire is a popular and hot destination for people who prefer Ice climbing. This place is famous for its prolonged winters and small summers.The most visited place for Ice climbing is the Frankenstein cliff along with various crag style ice routes. It is one of the prefer place for Ice climbers in United State of America. Looking for something even scarier than Frankenstein cliff, prefer the Cannon cliff. This cliff holds the brutal reputation for Ice climbing in United States of America. Looking to hallowed climb, you have to consider Mt. Washington. Mountain's weather is unpredictable and legendary. There are Various calamities that stand testimony to this fact. Both Alpine as well as an ice climber lured toward the peak.

2. Colorado

During the winter season, famous rock climbing around Colorado is populated with ice climbers. Water bodies around Colorado freezes because of harsh winters. Every year, ice climber around the world visited this place for Ice climbing. For Ice climbing, you have to visit Ouray, the capital state of Colorado. In this capitalist state is featured with the world's first Ice park.Every year thousand of Ice climbers around the world visited Ouray Ice park. You have to visit Ouray between December to March (Ouray climbing season). Ouray organizes Ice festival every year during the month of January. Many Ice climbers rated the San Juan mountains as the hottest destination for Ice climbing. Every beginner needs to hire Guides for Ice climbing. He will provide you basic training and safety equipment for Ice climbing.

3. Alaska

Alaska, another destination for Ice climbing. The climate of Alaska is very good for Ice climbing. Alaska is located very near to the Arctic. Such climatic condition force Ice climbers to visit Alaska. Apart from this, Alaska has the dedicated website for their Ice climbers.You may find every information on the website related to Ice climbing. Valdez is located in the south central region of Alaska, the best destination for Ice climber. Some of the popular Ice climbs around Valdez are Bear Creek, Mineral Creek, 19 Mile Wall, Sheep Creek, 17 Mile Wall, Hole in the Wall etc.

4. Vermont 

Vermont lake can overlook by mount Pisgah's cliffs. The sharp edges of the mount Pisgah's cliffs have more than 50 various routes. Some of them even rising above 650 feet. These cliffs are not suitable for beginners. They have to stay away from such dangerous cliffs. Only experienced climbers are allowed in this place. This place is also known by " The lake". According to many Ice climbers, it is one of the challenging cliffs. You may hire a guide.Your Guide will give you all information about routes, safety equipment and how to rent equipment.

5. California

800px-Tunnel View Yosemite Valley Yosemite NP - Diliff

California is best for Ice climbing due to the presence of terrains and conducive weather. For Ice climbing you have to consider the Yosemite national park. You may consider the Yosemite National park as one of the hottest destinations for Ice climbing. Presence of various towering mountains in the Yosemite National Park makes this place popular among Ice climbers. Presence of erratic Ice is the most adventurous part of hiking around Yosemite. For this reason, you have to find a suitable ice's wall for climbing. Apart from Ice climbing, you may see various kinds of animals, birds and trees around the Yosemite national park. This place is not favorite among Ice Climbers. Only few Ice climbers make their way to Yosemite national park. Ice climbing at Yosemite national park is best for beginners. If you are inexperienced, you must visit Yosemite national park for gaining your first Ice climbing Experience.

Ice climbing is dangerous for you. Never take it lightly. You have to take as many precautions as you can take. This is good for your safety. Always prefer guide for any extreme sports. Never ignore the instructions given by your guide. It might lead to disastrous consequences. Be safe, enjoy your sports.

Image Sources - Wikipedia.

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