know the other side of you!!

so basically today in this article you guys will get some strong points regarding the knowledge of knowing the other side of you
okay so let us start by knowing that what do i mean by the word "other side"
this means that everyone should know about there different personalities and irrespective of there ego they should work accordingly
a person can have only two kinds of moods and they :-
1) positive mood
2) negative mood
and there is nothing wrong if you are always having a negative mood because in one way or another it is what you are .... but the main thing is your negative mood should not affect others...... ( including your mental health)
why is it important to know your other side??
okay so let me be clear ..... you should know your other side just to help you when no one else can...... basically what i mean to say is that you should learn shift and yes i am not talking about double personality here because everyone is having different views on it (perspective differs)
whenever you are low or whenever there is no one for can talk to yourself
example:- when you are too negative talk to your positive side and whenever you are over exited talk to your other side for a while and become conscious again

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