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Hi all,

Here is another opportunity to get your blog/website good traffic from boddunan. Boddunan is currently receieving over 8,000 page views a day and has over 70% traffic from India, over 10% from US and the rest from other countries. Having over 6000 articles submitted by number of users, boddunan is becoming one of the good knowledge sharing website.

So here are the program details.

1. The program allows you to advertise your blog/website without spending any money. All you need is enough points to get the advertising space.

2. You can earn points from many activities including but not limited to reading articles, posting articles, participating on forums and community, submitting documents and playing games. Please see the points system page to learn more about points details.

3. Once you will get enough number of points as mentioned below, you can redeem them to buy advertising space on boddunan.

4. Your banner will be displayed at the top right of the website, just below the Header menu. The banner size should be a standard 468x60 half banner.

5. A maximum of 5 banners will be rotated at any point of time, giving you around 20% of the advertising time.

6. You can buy any number of banners provided you have enough points.

Here are the points details.
1 Month Half Banner: 6000 points
1 Week Half Banner: 2000 points
1 Day Half Banner: 300 points
(5 Banners rotated over the time)

Introductory Offer: Get 50% discount on points required on all above plans. Valid till ad space booked on or before 14 April 2010.

7. You should provide appropriate banner image and the link it should point to.

8. Banners should not promote any of but not limited to sexual websites, racism etc. Approval of banners will be decided by boddunan team and its decision is final.

7. To book your ad space, please send your user id along with your banner link details to support[at]

8. Displaying of banners is subject to the availability of ad space and the program starting date is 16th Jan 2010. Please provide your banners before that date so that your banners will be started from first day.

9. Ad space is provided on first come first serve basis.

10. Boddunan reserves the right to terminate the program at any point of time.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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