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Dear Members, here is the much awaited GD with a difference-

1- Please post your suggestions on everything you feel is good for Boddunan Forums

2- Write as many suggestions within the rule of forums each day as you can (but no two boxes in a row)

3- Please do not quote anyone but your own views

4- Please do not say yes or no for other suggestions.

5- Two (2) best suggestions will be rewarded at the end of contest on next Monday.

As usual I will post my suggestions without having a limit of posts but not in contest.

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The forum section of this site still remains as one of the attractive features.When I look upon the days I made a hesitant entry into it the quality was not much to write home about.But over the years it has grown into a platform - kind of a confluence of bright minds fighting intensely,vigorously,pulling off no punches, yet leaving none wounded or bled. I think there should be an award for the best post on a weekly basis to draw more members into this brainstorming activity.Similarly those who float unique threads attracting greatest number of responses,ought to be rewarded in a week.

Thank you said by: suni51

I will try my best to bring admin to participate/reply to all the suggestions. 

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Thank you said by: epraneeth77

Well i think that the forum section is one of the most valuable section in its not only gives us some vital information but its award us with some cash at the end of every week. If there is any change which is to be made is that the best answer should be shown on boddunan home page

bhuyali saroj

For the time being there is no best answer option in forums but I hope admin is reading your post

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Activity clubbed with Quality quotient has to be taken into consideration. That is a Post in the forum that evinces keen interest in the members and runs for a long time will enhance the value of the forums.


I absolutely agree with you on this point. Points are important but merely agreeing or disagreeing does not solve the purpose of a forum.  Members should have proper reasoning to justify their posts.

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The forum section of is the best, but as said previously by Chinmoy the best thread of the week should be awarded to attract more people on this site. Also there should be some award for the best Question and best Answer in the QnA section so that people post quality questions and quality answers in that section.

Some discussions become dragging after a certain time, with repetition of same points and lead to endless routes different from the thread. It is mainly because almost all the points on the subject are discussed and there is nothing more to discuss. I suggest one or two moderators be assigned to closely monitor the discussions and take suitable action at the right time.  

Boddunan should move to a next segment in terms of payment by associating themselves with more Advertisers & steps taken in this line will improve the activity & enthusiasm of the participants. The Editors, Moderators and other Adminstrators who are the torchbearers of the Community should close in for a discussion among themselves to formulate a strategy.

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The first thing that the site should do is that the site paying should more than the asking withdraw amount in a month. It should done like that, that the withdraw can be earned easily in a month 

bhuyali saroj

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