Hi All,

We are happy to announce another exiting contest carnival. This time we are going to engage you every day with more exiting offers.

The Boddunan Daily Contests Carnival consists of two types of contests. One winner for each contest will be announced every day. So daily two members can win cash rewards.

Here is the complete details about the contests.

1. Daily top voter award
We have been giving cash rewards for best poll creator and creative poll creators. Now it is time for the best voter. The member who vote on maximum number of polls will be announced as the winner for that day.

Please note that there are approximately 2800 polls created so far. You are allowed to vote on a poll for a maximum of 1 time. So you will have the chance to vote a maximum of as many polls are available minus the polls on which you have already voted.

So please vote on the polls by reading the poll completely and select the right option that you think.

Warning: Polls that are voted without reading will not be considered. We will take the time between each vote into account. No questions entertained with this and the moderator decision of deciding the winner is final.

2. Daily top commenter award
Unlike the above contest, you will have the ample scope to perform well in this contest. You can comment as many articles or polls as you wish. The top commenter will be declared as the winner.

Since there is no limit on number of comments you can do well in this category everyday. There are over 4500 articles and over 2800 polls available to comment. So you can try your luck every day.

Cash Rewards:
And now the cash rewards for the contests. Each declared winner will be awarded 25 cash credits per contest.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Comments with no constructive information will not be considered.

2. Comments with single or two words like "thank you", "great", "ok" etc will not be considered.

3. Comments un-related to the article/poll you are posting is also not considered.

4. We take spamming as a serious issue and the members who spam would be banned from all future contests. Do not comment on article/poll unless you read it entirely.

5. As said earlier, voting without reading the poll is not accepted and you will loose chance to participate.

6. By commenting on articles/polls, you agreeing the boddunan general terms & conditions.

7. Boddunan reserves the right to cancel the program any time.

8. Boddunan reserves the right to edit/moderate the comments.

Please feel free to post your views about the programs.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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