Hi All,

Welcome back to boddunan revenue sharing program.

Last month was very exiting. We broke 100K Alexa rank and continue to be maintain that level. We have added quite good number of active new users to our community and their by increase in participation overall.

We introduced most exiting Q n A section in the last month and we are looking forward to make it more beneficial to all our members.

We also introduced few more categories in Reviews section which attracted very good participation.

The most exiting part of last month is traffic from over all countries is significantly increased making the effective use of our articles, reviews, answers and polls sections.

Overall the numbers are pleasing compare to the last month. So here are the eligible members in order of shares allotted.
sajeetharan (9419 Points - 4 Shares)
kdeepti (7165 Points - 3 Shares)
neetu020784 (7144 Points - 3 Shares)
vijuagrawal (6457 Points - 3 Shares)
aasthagupta36 (5678 Points - 2 Shares)
kalyani (5008 Points - 2 Shares)
akash102 (4189 Points - 2 Shares)
sunnyrsingh (3574 Points - 1 Share)
jayen (2809 Points - 1 Share)
ra_k (2712 Points - 1 Share)
ceeem (2687 Points - 1 Share)
kavishanigam (2503 Points - 1 Share)
jobin (2498 Points - 1 Share)
jasmeetsingh (2217 Points - 1 Share)
santoshkumarsingh (2076 Points - 1 Share)
kumaresh (2022 Points - 1 Share)
Abid Areacode (2016 Points - 1 Share)
bolisettypradeep (2007 Points - 1 Share)

And here is the awards information:
Total Revenue Earned: $162 (6% increase over last month)
25% Revenue Share: $40.5
Total Revenue Share: Rs.1822 (@45/$)
Revenue Per Share: 60.75

Congratulations to all of you and best of luck for the next month.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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