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Hello Friends, back with a new topic for discussion. I hope there is a good participation in this one as in the previous ones.

The topic for the discussion is:

Should a celebrity's personal life be open to public? Should every aspect of his or her life be scrutinized at length by media and the fans equally?

eg. I just saw a thread with title New baby of Shilpa(I assume its Shilpa Shetty being discussed by the user) Isn't she entitled to a little more privacy regarding her baby?? This is just an example and not the actual topic for discussion. Please read the questions carefully and post views accordingly!

The usual rules apply, in short, your answers must be relevant and original, no copy-paste from other sites allowed, although you may make use of available information in Google. No spamming please.

The winner gets INR 50 plus 50 bonus points, the runner-up INR 25 plus 50 bonus points, and all participants who post minimum THREE valid replies also get 50 points. But please note, anyone posting merely nice information shared, thank you and only repeating others' posts will not be considered and will not be eligible for 50 points as well.

A request to all, please read this post thoroughly and carefully and also others' replies before posting your reply. (This time I mean it, I will not award points to anyone only pasting others' replies and adding his thank you nice information)

Thank you! All the best!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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