Mao wrote an immortal quote " Political Power comes out of the barrel of a gun". China followed this and now is a world power of which even the USA is wary. One reason for this state of affairs where India cannot even pressurize Nepal( It is conducting military exercises with China) is lack of decisive military power.  Modi also like Nehru has no realization that " a contented military is the cornerstone of world power". In India, we have the sad spectacle of an agitation still going on at Janata Mantar for proper sanction of OROP as per Koshiari commission. Can anyone think of such an agitation by armed forces esx servicemen in USA, China, UK-Russia etc? It's a shame and all discussions are infructuose till Modi addresses this issue. It lowers army morale and in long run will not help India t all, Modi or no Modi. 

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