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2 years ago

if I ask you that you want to be happy or sad? what you will choose happy obviously but ask yourself are you really happy from inside .. one research proves that out of 5 people 4 are sad .. on this planet / every person want to be happy but they are not there are so many reasons ..we are not happy we all are living in future or past and we have created so many desires which stops us to be happy ..

one day women ask a Buddha I want happiness and he replies first remove I that's ego. then remove 'want' that's desire .. now you are left only with happiness .. when we get up in the morning. we have two choices either to be happy or to be unhappy .. and we should choose happy .. people were just happy as they made up their minds to be. to be unhappy is the easiest thing in the world. why be sad for small things, that he/she is not replying to me or they don't love me why? as long as we keep attaching our happiness to external events or people so our lives which are ever-changing will always be left waiting for it .. don't wait to people make you happy just be happy because no one cares about it so start being happy people think when we will success or achieve anything then we will be happy .. and those people live all life as an unhappy life .. one thing you should know that success doesn't guarantee happiness and happiness doesn't require success ..

there so many reasons to be happy we know that but we don't understand that I will help you with that .. answer my some questions do you have food on your table? clothes on your body ? a roof over your head? and a place to sleep? if you have all this so you are 75% richer than the entire world. I will tell you one and most important reason to be happy in which you will agree to answer me are you alive? your answer will be definitely yes this is the best reason to be happy yarr. because you are more blessed than the million people. who will not survive this week and die. life is not about complaining of pain and sorrow. it is about a thousand other reasons to be grateful and happy.

life is to short to live depressed and sad the way to happiness; keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. live simply, expect little, give much.. fill life with love .. have good thoughts and be happy one life lives it happily .. there are many ways to be happy that I will know you in further blog .. now it's your choice to be happy or sad?

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