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What once came as a boon in the arena of communication, has turned out to be seen as a curse nowadays. Today , we correspond, but do not communicate. Mobile phones,considered as one of the latest brainchild of science is no more a gadget to be  found only in the hands of the elites. Needless to say that these cell phones were the only straw of hope in times when there was no means to exchange thoughts in between people separated by large distances and the development of android technology has made mobile phones the hot spot of all human interests, but often it is being felt that the growing addiction for cellphones will sooner or later drag people away from their kith and kins, pushing them into a world of solitude with their only companions , the cell phones.

The logic is fairly simple. Excess of anything is bad. Similarly the excess use of this gadget has many adverse effects not only on the individual but also on the society as a whole .It is pitiable to see how people , especially the youth have fallen prey to the treacherous claws of mobile phones. Their inclination towards this gadget has grown to such an extent that they cannot resist themselves from using it every now and then and most have developed a symptom called phantom cell phone vibration,where people have a sensation of vibration of cell phones, even if they do not really have any such things. And this particular habit leads to numerous absurd and ridiculous situations.

Certain sights are really disheartening. What happens today is, people forget the real purpose of using the gadget. Even when they sit with their family members, with their fathers, mothers and siblings beside them, they continue to browse through things and chatting in their phones, as if they are strangers to people around them. Friends would meet somewhere, sit together but without exchanging a word. Another thing that is practically annoying is the craze for selfies. Even after innumerable selfie related deaths there has not been a decline in this trend. People climb hills, take selfie instead  of being cautious, they meet with a minor accident and take a selfie, someone close is admitted in the hospital, they take a selfie with them, even people do not hesitate to take a selfie in a temple, standing beside the idols of God, they take a selfie, I just don't understand the rationale behind this. Capturing memories , sharing with people is fine, but what pleasure does sharing a pic with a patient, with the idol, in an accident spot give anyone. This is completely out of my understanding. There are people who might be unaware of doing anything on the phone but they spend hours poring over it. Don't know what happiness people get from just rolling down and sliding things on screen.

In one way the invention of this gadget has helped to connect with people even at the remotest places , but unfortunately it has severed contacts with the nearest ones. In every house today, there is a father, a mother, a sister, a wife, sitting with hopeful eyes to get attention from their loved ones who is quite devoted to his/her cell phone. The bonds between families which could have been made taut with the help of mobiles has started getting loose. Nature with her myriad shades has failed to attract people.They prefer their phones to a beautiful vallley.  People have turned blind enough to applaud the vast colourful, ethereal nature , shoving aside the small , drab screen of their phones. The valuable authority of literature has been destroyed. Today words have been reduced to letters and phrases to words. Had shakespeare and Johnson been present here, they would have either murdered the rest or would have chosen to commit suicide.

Though , at present this overaddiction doesn't seem to be a serious issue, soon it would  get a place in the list of the most considered issues. Being only a small gadget , it has already started ruling humanity. The problem needs to be curbed and that needs proper understanding.  Of course its not something we can protest about or start campaigning on roads..! But it seems as if that too is not far. As the issue is quite personal and depends on people's individual choice, a change cannot be forced upon , but it has to be kept in mind that, if this continues , then very soon relations would fade into oblivion but years after, when people will be frustrated with the use of the gadget and would desire to get respite from it, they will have no options left and then it will be best realized what a worse place the world has become to live in.


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Honestly I don't follow the head  or tail of this discussion, can you please make it short and to the point so that the members are able to relate to it easily. .

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

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5 years ago

Thread locked with a warning to poster. Next such thread will cause their account deleted.

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