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Today I heard a new notion: itika, let's just normalize, not getting married at 25 or being in love after your 50’s, 60’s and so on and like. It is an age-old tradition that I cannot accept anything without giving it thought, so I decided to go through this one also. I was wondering, why do people want others to accept the things they are accepting? Why can’t they just believe it in themselves that as an individual they are ok with it? Why do they want everyone to sing the same song they are singing? See, my old tradition started working as soon as I heard this slang from my friend.

I pondered, "Do these people want to set an example for others?" Or are they just scared by their truth and want to cover it with the wrapping paper made up of other half-known truths? Or are they self-doubting themselves or confused by their nature? As far as I am concerned, I have always engaged myself in things that go against the rules and regulations of society. Despite that, I never asked anyone to dance to a tune to which I was dancing. It is because I believe no matter what choice you make, each one of them comes with a price; it’s just a matter of fact, which one you are willing to pay. If you know yourself completely, you do not need others' sanctions for further action. Just go ahead with your choice and live it up to a scale that will force people, not out of feud or envy, but out of endearment, to go along with you. Also, because I am a little lazy, I cannot make a shoutout about "normalizing your unaccepted stuff." I have heard a phrase from the one I follow and admire.

“Once you are clear what you are doing and why, other people’s opinions will not matter”

Become devoted to your choice rather than forcefully normalizing it in the name of your insecurity. I believe when you experience something through your own choices, mistakes, and so on, there is no room left for self-doubt. 


Lastly, these are my views gained from my own experiences. Others may have different, but as you know, I have to perform my ancient traditions as it is the only job I have left with……

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