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2 years ago

Humanity at the time of Corona.

Keywords: Humanity, Inhuman activities, Covid 19.

The past year and the present one witnessed a lot of inhuman activities going around in society in the name of Corona. Everyone was home quarantined and took safety measures regarding themselves and their family which is a good thing. The government stressed the various safety measures to be adopted for the safety of the citizens. No doubt the poor and the working class suffered a lot due to the ‘Lockdown’ and were devastated at times, but it was a life-saving step taken by the government in order to do the needful for its people. Not only India but the whole world suffered chaos. It was circulated worldwide that China was the reason behind everything and that it purposely built such a situation in order to showcase its huge power in the global arena, which it firmly denies. No matter who is to be blamed for the situation, it was wholesale suffrage for the entire world.

We witnessed a mournful situation in every country and even the powerful nations knelt down and sobbed for their countrymen. Every nation collaborated in order to fight the virus and collectively helped each other monetarily and in medical terms. And successfully worked upon the idea of vaccine and brought it into the market. At first, it was available to a select few and later made available to the entire public. And the vaccination process continues until and unless the country is vaccinated in order to break the chain of Corona.

In the guise of Covid, many illegal and inhuman acts were accomplished either knowingly or unknowingly. Media manipulated the data and bought and sold customized news. Even the government lacked to fulfil the needs of its citizens. There were rumours spread everywhere that it is the Muslims who are acting as the carrier of the virus and that they boosted the spread of the virus and at times there were situations of communal violence. The Indian writer and activist ‘Arundhati Roy’ stated boldly that it is a ‘Genocidal situation for the Muslims’. Muslims were looked upon suspiciously and were not allowed to attend gatherings and so on.

There was a report that a Muslim hawker was brutally beaten up by the people of society when he tried to sell his stuff within the compounds of the society. Not only this corruption was at its peak. People sold the oxygen cylinders at a very high rate. The sellers were bargaining the price with the buyers who were in need of those cylinders. Everywhere there was competition in the marketing field regarding the sale and purchase of the necessary commodities. The labour class suffered a lot and the wage workers had no option but to starve in silence. Not only India, more or less such was the case everywhere in the world.

Some took the situation to be an opportunity to horde a lot and a lot of money while some were the victims of the pandemic. There were such people also who helped the needy one’s. Some provided food to the poor one’s who didn’t have anything to feed upon. Some communities even distributed ration to the village people when the government was busy in the process of vaccination and not able to manage various things at a time. In this way, the brotherhood among the citizens worked in progress and held each other.

Some even helped each other individually. For example, there was a man who became very famous overnight in news and social media. He drove a very long distance in order to help his friend in providing an oxygen cylinder who resided in Delhi when there was a dearth of Oxygen cylinders in the place. There was another case in Uttar Pradesh, where a villager witnessed his bicycle be missing in the morning and there was a huge fuss. But as soon as he decided to go to the police station in order to file a case against the robbery, he saw a letter that was tucked in the outer veranda. When he read it, he got to know the real reason behind the robbery and declined the idea of going to the police station. It read: ‘I am extremely sorry for stealing your bicycle. I am a poor daily wage worker who doesn’t have a single penny and due to poverty, I am forced to move to my village. It was no harm for me to walk all the way to Maharashtra but I have a handicapped son who can’t walk so I didn’t have any other option but to steal your bicycle that I saw while passing by your house. I beg you not to inform the police.


So, the poor man understood the condition of the other poor man and forgiven him. The above-mentioned examples give us a clear idea that whatever be the situation, ‘Humanity’ never suffers and that there is always some or the other flag bearer of Humanity at the time of need. The government is working from its side to provide help to needy ones as much as possible. And also, the brotherhood can be witnessed in such dire conditions. At present the condition is improving, although it is moving at the speed of a sloth, the government is trying hard to work upon the betterment of the country and everyone is fighting their own battle from this pandemic and is recuperating.

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