"China has deployed a large number of troops on the eastern border of Ladakh and the northern border," said Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane. The Chief of Army Staff visited the forward parts of eastern Ladakh to review the security situation.  China has deployed a large number of troops in the forward areas, which is a matter of concern for India, he said. 

                       "We are watching out for every one of the developments of China. We are prepared with a similar degree of framework and military organization to counter them," the military said. "In the present circumstance, India is prepared to confront any circumstance," Narwane told ANI.

"The situation has been normal for the last six months. The thirteenth round will be discussed in the second week of October. At that time, a solution to the tension will be in sight," Narwane said. "I am adamant that the differences should be resolved through discussion. We hope to find a solution," Narwane said.

In East Ladakh, the Indian Army has deployed the first K9-Vajra Automated Howitzer Regiment in the Ladakh sector along the Line of Control with China.  This K9-Thunder automatic howitzer cannon can attack enemy targets at about 50 km.








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