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5 years ago

There seems to be not much of a difference between answers & forum section, while forum focuses on discussion & answers on getting an answer, the basic thing that happens in both section is the same except for the fact that the answers section does not have interaction, am I right or is there any more difference apart from the User Interface? Is it very useful or valuable that it needs a seperate section?

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5 years ago

It does appear similar. What I understand is that questions asked in answer section should be of those type for which we face difficulty in getting answer elsewhere. It might be about issues related to the sites or about technical knowledge about anything and so on. 

usha manohar
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5 years ago

True, there is more scoe for discussion on forum whereas it is a limited option on the question and answer section

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5 years ago

Answer section I noticed it today and second reason may be due to huge data admin divide it in two section to maintain speed of website but its good action and it may be like expert answer section.

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Suny Ag
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5 years ago

The main difference in between forums and answers is that you can answer once in answer section (for points) but in forums you get points for all comments.

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Shampa Sadhya
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5 years ago

What I thought to write was already written by @suni51. Basically, in Q and A section we cannot have debate among all the users. It's only one time affair and so one needs to answer very thoughtfully. 


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