Every design has a story behind it; good design creates an influence on the consumer. When we talk about branding or advertising of any product or services. A good design always has appealing colours, concept and ideas. Good design has to be innovative and easy to understand. Which they wanted to communicate with the audience and they wanted to make them aware of their product or services. 

Design is more about how it works, how the product/brand communicates to the audience. A good designer thinks first about how it works than how it looks. Design is a powerful tool for change, not a tool for styling products and communications. Good design creates the most impact on the minds of the audience. 

Just like the software and hardware connection, the two should have a perfect combination. Which provides smooth, compatibility and overall great experience of products or services. The same thing applies to the printing industry. A good design requires the best printer. Which give out the impressive print of the design. 

The print should have perfect colour saturation, realistic output and create a good impact on people. Colour is used to generate emotions, define important create visual interest and more.

Good design increases your sales

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