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2 years ago

Learning is a process. Learning improves the knowledge and skills and sometimes creates an invention that benefits the world. This are known facts but for long learning has remained a Privilege. It should be something, which should be unbiased, global and available to all. For long though learning was restricted to certain medium and class of people. This was a huge loss to society.

But that has changed since the emergence of Internet. Online Learning has become a fair and strong medium. Online learning balances the scale for everyone. It provides a medium, which is completely unbiased, and transparent.

It does not bind you to any specific language, interest, subject or culture. It provides equal opportunity to learn, flexibility to balance the life without compromising on the quality of the knowledge you receive.

Online learning is not only beneficial to people who wants to learn but it is equally beneficial to people who want to share their knowledge and require a medium to do so. Large part of knowledge comes from experience and online learning is the only medium through which people can share their live experiences and wisdom they achieved from those experiences.

Online learning creates a perfect synergy of people who want to learn and people who wants to teach. Learning should never stop and nor should teaching as one person’s experience is other person's dream, one person's wisdom is other person's enlightenment and one persons' guidance is other person's success.

With global pandemic online learning has become even more significant and probably a new normal for many. It is just the beginning of a knowledgeable and a cultured society where everyone is respected and accepted for who they are.

Lets use this medium for what it is, a cycle of learn, live, experience, achieve and teach.

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