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2 years ago

Are you a person who always wants to do something, be busy and want to keep yourself busy at all times? But don't know what to do when you want to do something that keeps you busy. Then you are procrastinating, at least in my case I wanted to do something that keeps me busy. I have work to do but I end up procrastinating and stress myself out at the last minute. If you want to be productive and beat procrastination then scroll down and continue reading.


Learn love what you do

The key to getting more done in less time or doing things efficiently is to love what you do (or do the thing that we refer to as a passion). But for people like me, I don’t know what I like to do. For example I like watching movies and scribbling rough ideas. But watching a movie doesn’t help me be productive but I still can’t say no if someone calls me to watch a movie because I love watching a movie. So most of the time people procrastinate because they don’t like what they are doing or what they are going to do. So, a solution to this is to learn and ‘love what you do’ because when you love what you do you actually do it. 

Work for the activity not for the result 

Many people including me push through work for the result, but when you really want to get productive you are supposed to enjoy the process. So, this is when you want to start working on what you love. But like I said in the previous paragraph most of us don’t get jobs in the fields of our interests. But don’t think of this as a discouragement, you can always work on the stuff you like, what I am trying to tell is when you start loving what you do you start enjoying the activity and not the result. But the skill to love what you do is a skill I am trying to get better at.


Perfection kills productivity

  I was thinking for a long time that everything I do should be perfect and wasted time in perfection. Don't get me wrong, perfection is important but when you want to do a lot of work in a short amount of time it doesn't help. Perfection does not improve progress but when you are consistent progress is attainable. But not being perfect does not mean that your work should not be satisfying. 


Thank you for reading till the end. I hope this article is useful for you.


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