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In the beginning, I want to say that majority of people in the entire world only think that astrology is the subject of making some astrological predictions or they think that it is the subject of making some predictions by analyzing the birth chart of natives. But actually, they don’t know that analyzing the birth chart and making some astrological predictions regarding any native is just a small part of Vedic astrology. But the majority of people in the entire world is considered this small part of Vedic astrology as complete astrology. This is absolutely wrong as well as it kept astrology under limitations. But for this, I don’t blame people as well as I don’t blame today’s modern-day's astrologers. Because this subject is strongly connected with spirituality and spiritual enlightenment. You cannot study and understand this subject directly without moving on to the spiritual path. This subject has so many various dimensions as well as because of Vedic astrology certain things come into existence in this world. Vedic astrology is a very logical and philosophical-oriented subject as well as it clearly shows and explains the human life cycle in a symbolic way. This 360-degree circle of zodiac signs is nothing but it clearly shows and explains the human life cycle. In the ancient era, only saints and rishi were the people who practice and teaches Vedic astrology to anyone. But as time passed, the common people have also come into this subject and as a result, as you can see today that how this beautiful ancient scripture is contaminated by modern days astrologers. Why today majority of people are failed to understand the real essence of Vedic astrology? Because they are common people as well as they are not saints and rishis. We called astrology ‘Vedic astrology’ why? We put the ‘Vedic’ word at the beginning why? Because Vedic astrology means Vedic knowledge or you can say that the knowledge comes from Vedas. To attain and understand Vedic knowledge it is essential that a person has to be spiritually awakened. If anyone in this world thinks that I can study and understand Vedic astrology from deeper roots without moving on to the spiritual path then those person thinks wrong about it. In Vedic astrology, each and everything has some logic and reasoning behind it and you only understand those things when you move yourself toward a spiritual path. The ultimate aim of studying Vedic astrology is to understand human life as well as the human life cycle through these 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs. Vedic astrology and the birth chart are clearly explaining the human life cycle in a philosophical manner. But this thing can be only understood by spiritually enlightened people.

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