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So old buddies like Atul and Swetha are awakening. New buddies beware!!(They had gone also)

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Hello All,
Its really shocking me, On one side members are happy to see old members back on site and on other side members are getting afraid or taking it as a race to get maximum money.
Well friends, let me say something, Me and swetha were like you all before we realised that boddunan is what we can live with forever. Both of us haven't earned so much cash credits but have so much respect for boddunan as we got so much to learn from it.
I never had met any of my online chatting friends, only boddunan made this happen. Also interacting with you all in such an environment makes it very much exciting for us.
I wish everyone get involve with a feeling of ownership not us for money only.
-Atul B
happy to see that you are active again.. and also that you are given moderator post again... boddunan is not just about money... its something more..

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Dear Atul,
he you have shared really important information about the boddnan. It will help to new comers for growth and better understanding.
hey friends hi!!
i am a new member of boddunan :P
as i hav registered today
need ur support frndzz :laugh:
Do not worry sadaf. this is site to just learn then earn. first you need to learn each and every link on home page.

Santosh Kumar Singh


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