Suny Ag
Editor & Super Moderator
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6 years ago

Dear fellow members, As you know that I shall be moving to Australia next week so I shall not be coming to forums for next one year. I hope your enjoy your time at forums. Maybe I will post articles as and when I have time to do so. Thank you all. By the way, I have taken leave from moderation and editing the posts too. 

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6 years ago

Sad,tidings Sunil. We feel your absence. Anyhow, glad to know that that you will be posting articles as and when time permits .

All the best my friend Sunil

Manoj Kumar Lamba
Platinum Mate
142 1.06k 7.33k
6 years ago

OK sir, enjoy your stay in Australia. We will miss your absence.

usha manohar
704 19.5k 126.1k
6 years ago

It's good that you have only take leave and not quit ..By the way if you can post articles , you can also look into forums once in a while ...All the best Sunil


Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

Junior Boarder
7 72 1.39k
6 years ago

We will miss your absence sir, but good thing is that you are going to Australia, so enjoy your life..Happy Journey..

Good Luck Sir........ 

Shampa Sadhya
Platinum Mate
56 1.65k 11.2k
6 years ago

Happy Journey! I feel you can occasionally participate in the forums along with your stay in Australia too but certainly it's your choice. All the best!   


Babu saroj
Expert Boarder
8 294 1.97k
6 years ago

very sad, it will be great loss to this site because you are main person of this site who regularly dominate the most.


Platinum Mate
0 1.45k 11.2k
6 years ago

 Enjoy your stay at Australia. All the best. Do participate in forum discussion when you get time

220 6.73k 39.2k
6 years ago

Good luck Sunil, we will wait you for one year.

Diamond Mate
31 4.98k 28.3k
6 years ago

Have a good time in Australia and research your favorite topic of how minorities are behaving there.

Senior Boarder
1 243 2.96k
6 years ago

Good luck and Happy Journey to you. Enjoy your Australia visit. Hoping to see you here, keep posing articles so we can feel your presence..



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