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I have created my own Blog through Wordpress. It is exclusively on music. I would like to add some music institute details which are available in all over in India so that people who visit my site gets everything related to music. Now, the question is how can I add their details in my Blog when their details might be already existed in different website or their own website. Is there any copyright problem if I add these details?


Experience member can guide me.  



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Suny Ag
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6 years ago

I think you can add any details in your website or blog with a proper attribution to the author/creator of the original work. There is no problem as long as you are not in infringement of the terms and conditions set by the site/author you're quoting/reproducing in your site/blog. For example Boddunan does not allow any links that takes readers out of this site in articles posted here. But that's your blog/site and you know better what your advertisers allow you to do or where they stop giving you advertisements. 

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