• Molecular Formula

    This quiz will learn chemical formulas of some of the common componds which we use in daily routine.
  • Chemical Symbols

    This quiz is for students who are interested in science .here some of the chemical symbols of elements are discussed.
  • Quiz about Anna Hazare

    Anna Hazare is a famous social activist in india. He is working for a corruption less india. In recent times, you all may know about him. This quiz will keep you more information...
  • Quiz about Mac OS

    Mac is a operating system for desktops. It is the second largest used operating system in the world. This quiz will keep you more updated about the MAC OS..
  • Quiz about Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is one of the most widely used software. Next to windows this is the most used OS. This quiz will keep you more updated about the OS.
  • Symbols of India

    Test your knowledge of the nation!
  • Quiz on Paschim Banga

    Recently, West Bengal has been renamed as Paschim Banga. I have set some questions related to state Paschim Banga. Questions are basically on the famous sites and tourist places,...
  • Quiz from Epics

    Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two great epics of India. All 10 questions are based on these two epics. Person who is good in epics can answer them correctly. These are the...
  • Raja Ravi Varma

    Famous indian painter Raja Ravi Varma is known good for his oil paintings. A small tribute through this quiz to this famous artist.
  • M.F.Hussain

    Famous and well known artist who have made India proud MR.M.F.Hussain. A small tribute to him by knowing something about him.
  • Quiz about S. P. Balasubrahmanyam,S.P.B

    This is a quiz about S. P. Balasubrahmanyam,S.P.B.he is a multilingual Indian playback singer, actor, music director, voice actor and a film producer. He is referred to as S. P....
  • Bleach-the starter's quiz

    Bleach is an anime that has widespread appeal for all audience's of all age groups. It is a very fun series and most entertaining. The songs are just beautiful and the plot is...
  • Quiz about P. Sushila

    This is a quiz about P.Susheela.She is an Indian playback singer.she has recorded songs in many Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali,...
  • Naruto-do you know it all?

    [img]http://api.ning.com/files/M46jqDhvGedYAACDT3O0kmqw4AhlV8iEkRWXpZNIdUAkbRTGpTG-7O3U83Lzb74dasKP4Aq1dlLGribWJTr0oz0IAVZfNonY/foto_do_naruto_1277961663.jpg[/img] Naruto is a...
  • Quiz about S.Janaki,famous playback singer

    This is a Quiz about S.Janaki,famous playback singer.She is an Indian female playback singer renowned for her voice modulation abilities.Choose the correct answers from the...
  • Quiz about Sadhana Sargam

    This is a quiz about Sadhana Sargam.She is an acclaimed Indian playback singer. She is a recipient of the prestigious National Film Award and Filmfare Awards.
  • Quiz about P.Unni Krishnan

    This is a Quiz about P.Unni Krishnan.He is a Carnatic vocalist and a national award winning playback singer.Choose the correct answers from the options given below.
  • Quiz on taglines of Indian companies

    This is a Quiz on taglines of Indian companies.lets see how much you know about this.Choose the correct answers from the options given below.
  • Quiz about Bombay Jayashri

    This is a Quiz about Bombay Jayashri.She is an Indian Carnatic music vocalist. She has also recorded songs as a playback singer in South Indian films.
  • Quiz about Anuradha Sriram,a famous playback singer.

    This is a Quiz about Anuradha Sriram,a famous playback singer.is an Indian carnatic and playback singer who hails from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She has sung in many...